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George Bush continues to make speeches about illegal immigration and he never fails to include a demand for a “guest worker” program, also known as amnesty. According to a Heritage Foundation report, the recently passed Senate bill S.2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, would allow up to “103 million persons to legally immigrate to the U.S over the next 20 years.” [ Michael Reagan, The Desert Sun, May 23, 2006]

One part of the bill allows illegal immigrants to receive “credit for the money that they contributed to Social Security” even if they used fraud or identity theft to open an account.

Another bill, H.R. 2672 (Senate bill S.853, the North American Cooperative Security Act) is still in committee. This bill would lead to “…the development of a common security perimeter” around all three member states of the North American Community, a political and economic union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, scheduled to be in place by 2010. This bill and the Social Security clause above are part of continuing attempts to replace the government of the U.S., piece by piece (the word is treason), with a European Union type of government, driven by trade agreements, without the knowledge or consent of Congress or the American people.

These bills will make it possible to implement the plan for open borders and the free flow of people (millions of immigrants) and commerce throughout the union.

The reason Bush wants millions of new workers is to pay for the retirement of 78 million baby boomers, starting in 2008. According to the recent annual report of the Social Security and Medicare Trustees, Medicare can only meet 80 percent of its expenses by 2018 and Social Security can only meet 74 percent of its benefits by 2040.

Even at a ratio of 4:1 (working age persons to those 65 and older), America would still need 57.5 million more adults by 2025. That would amount to about 3 million more immigrant workers per year in order to keep Social Security solvent. This does not include the workers’ children.

The best way to meet these committments, according to William P. Kucewicz, editor of GeoInvestor.com, is “…through liberalized immigration policies (like Bush’s guest worker program) and also enhance labor productivity through greater private domestic capital expenditure.”

One problem. Where will all these jobs come from? Since corporate America will only pay workers the lowest wages possible, these workers won’t be contributing much to Social Security. One study shows that if the U.S. government granted amnesty to 3.8 million households, each household would use $5,000 more in assistance than it contributed to Social Security, a total of $19 billion per year. [Michael Reagan, May 23, 2006]

Senator Sessions  says that this immigration bill could cost taxpayers half a trillion dollars  over any 10 year period.

Bush, of course, is doing all he can to get this immigration bill passed by both houses of Congress. He has no intention of securing the border with Mexico. The national guard troops are  just a photo op, another smoke and mirrors delaying action to relieve pressure from the demands of the American citizens for the President to carry out his oath of office.

Bush continues to lie to the people and not very convincingly. He has done nothing to stop the millions of illegals who have invaded America on his watch. The deconstruction of our sovereign nation and its replacement by a corporate trading state of North America must go foward if the great decider’s mission from God to unite the world with trade agreements is to succeed.

These new immigrants from south of the border will change the face of America. They reject American culture, the English language, and the white race for taking their land, for carrying out “genocide” on their race (indigenous indians), and for the lack of respect from the American gringos.

Many immigrants from Mexico will have dual citizenship and will control most elected offices, from city council to senator, throughout the Southwest U.S., the Midwest and beyond. They will not assimilate and their allegiance will not be to America.

If this immigration bill goes into effect, the breakup of the United States is assured and George Bush’s delusions of constructing a New World Order will become America’s nightmare.

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