Bush Pushes Social Security for Mexicans

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Jan 072007

George Bush wants to have Mexican workers in America, both legal and illegal, under U.S. Social Security. This project is part of the plan to merge America, Canada, and Mexico into a union by 2010 and allow for citizens from all three member states to “live and work” anywhere within the union.

He has been waiting to sign a Totalization of Social Security Agreement between America and Mexico since June 29, 2004, after Commissioner Jo Anne Barnhart signed on, along with her Mexican counterpart. The agreement has been endorsed by the Council on Foreign Relations in its blueprint for Building a North American Community. Page 27 of the task force report reads:

“Implement the Social Security Totalization Agreement negotiated between the United States and Mexico. This agreement would recognize payroll contributions to each other’s system, thus preventing double taxation.”

There was considerable opposition at that time from Congressman J.D. Hayworth [R-CD5], who sponsored (with 40 co-sponsors) House Resolution 20, which expresses the disapproval of Congress. Once Bush submits the agreement to Congress, it has 60 days to pass the resolution. Unfortunately, Congressman Hayworth, a strong opponent of illegal immigration, was defeated in the 2006 election.

Bush wants Mexican workers under Social Security in order to pay for the retiring baby boomers. Analysts estimate at least 60 million workers from Mexico and other third world countries (not counting dependents) will be needed over the next 20 years. He believes (mistakenly) that this will solve the problem.

In fact, these mostly uneducated immigrants are a huge net drain on the economy with their liberal use of our welfare and penal systems. And, of course, their allegiance is not to America but to a de facto expansion of the Mexican state through demographic dominance.

Bush and his co-conspirators also need to have a large force of cheap labor in place by 2010, mostly from south of the border so that the “…wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors (U.S.and Canada) [will] have diminished considerably.” This generally lower wage scale throughout North America, besides providing more profits for corporations, is to insure that there is no stampede north by half of the population of Mexico to the land of the gringo. [CFR report, pp. 27,28]

It’s been reported that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (S,2611) contains provisions that would allow Mexican workers to receive credit for Social Security contributions paid into their account even if they were working illegally, had used a false ID or a stolen Social Security card. Once S.2611 is passed by the Democrats and a minority of Republicans, then signed by Bush, it will be easier to implement the Totalization of Social Security Agreement.

Under this totalization plan, according to the GAO, the Social Security Administration “…did not directly consider the estimated millions of unauthorized workers in the U.S.”

Under this agreement. “…unauthorized illegal immigrants could qualify for Social Security benefits with as few as 6 coverage credits as opposed to the previously required 40, combined with earnings from Mexico.

“Additionally, the illegal worker could qualify for partial benefits after only 18 months while the American worker would still have to work 10 years in order to vest. And further, to benefits being paid out to just the worker, family members of Mexican workers would be entitled to benefits as dependents and survivors, even if not residing in the U.S. [Latest Totalization Agreement Threatens Social Security, Diane M. Grassi, April 11, 2005, MichNews.com]

When the borders are opened in (2010?) every citizen will be considered a North American, not just a Mexican, American, or Canadian. As Robert Pastor, the evil genius behind this trading state of North America would put it, don’t think of yourself as American, think North American. Everything is falling into place, just like the European Union. 

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