Mar 282007

This hate mail was sent to Daneen at stopthenorthamericanunion (see home page) by an enraged reconquista but is meant for all gringo and gringa (white) citizens of America. It is similar to comments I have received. It’s presented unedited:


I have a solution to all your problems. All Europeans need to go back to where they came from, Europe! American was never for white europeans! When the savages landed on the Mayflower, they started pretending to like the Native Americans already here, then they turned around and killed them by massive amounts. You think you have a problem with Immigrants, why don’t you go back to Europe! After all, Mexico and the American continent belongs more to Mexicans and Native American than white twisted, and narrow minded so called white Americans. Go back to Europe, where you belong! Mexicans and Natives has always been on this continent, and will continue to be here until the very last. You are the Pure racist, its hard to believe that you call yourself a doctor. What kind of doctor are you? KKK with a stamp on your degree that spells White Supremacy Graduate.

You are the pure racist. Your white race have been and will always be a twisted, short minded, hypocritical, immoral, and full of hate since your birth of time immemorial. You hate the fact of what you see on the your streets, supermarket, parks, and freeways are a majority of brown faces. You appear to be so Ignorant, as you have always been of deciphering Mexican, Central Americans, South Americans, and Arabs of color. Apparently your ignorance shows beyond description of an evil person.

In another note, part or all of the United States of America is stolen land. Land that was stolen by twisted and evil Manifest destiny demons. YOU ARE LIVING IN AMERICA AS THE MOST DEMONIC SAVAGE PERSON WHO’S EUROPEAN DESCENDANTS KILLED ALMOST EVERY SINGLE INDIGENOUS NATIVE ON AMERICAN LAND ON PURPOSE SO YOU COULD TAKE OVER AND LIVE ON THIS LAND ILLEGALLY. You are the most illegal person on this continent, and this so called America is not yours, never has been, and it will never. History will show that you are a most pathetic person out to claim something that you think is righfully yours, but in reality your are full of shit as the KKK, Skull and bones, and every secret evil society that has existed in white America. I’m sure you know of skull and bones and u.s. presidents who belong to a twisted and immoral clubs. Like most hateful white America, I’m sure you and your KKK friends will initiate hate sprees on brown faces, and you will do it with the most cowardly attitude, like in the old times and now you with the new times. You will act in the most treacherous ways to make Immigrants miserable and you are going to do it with a white mask on, the mask of the white coward and most evil person on the planet earth. You don’t deserve America, because you are the cancer that makes America sick! Hypocrite, Racist, Evil, Lire, and an opportunist, that’s what you are!

This reconquista hate mailer speaks for the majority of those who cross our border illegally. A 2002 Zogby poll of Mexicans showed that 58% believe the American Southwest belongs to them and was stolen by the U.S. in the Mexican/American War of 1848. They also believe that they don’t need a visa to cross the border. Read the signs carried by these illegals over the last 15 years in marches. Listen to what they say. (click on: wehategringos on this homepage)

Radical groups like La Raza, funded by the Ford Foundation, and MEchA (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan) gain political office and promote this reconquest of the Southwest. New illegals coming across the border see an America that looks and sounds just like Mexico. They see the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa and Lt. Governor of California, Cruz Bustamante, both former members of MEchA, and they know that victory is at hand.

They can come to America, use our welfare system, get jobs, and know that they can live in a world run by Latinos. They know that they can travel all across our nation and feel at home because their friends and relatives have colonized a good part of the country. Why would they want to become Americans because in the next few decades they will dominate America and Spanish, not English, will be spoken here. 

Former president of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo proclaimed on July 27, 1997 that: “I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders [the Southwestern United States] and that Mexican migrants are an important-a very important-part of it.”

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas, Arlington, on the goal of millions of Mexican illegals in America: “These folks want it all. They want to create all of Mexico and join all of Mexico into one. And they are going to do that, even if it’s just demographically…They are going to have political sovereignty over the Southwest (U.S.) and many parts of the Midwest.”

If we don’t defeat this new immigration bill that will soon be voted on, our worst nightmare will become reality.

To see this hate email from the reconquista and the response, go to: Hate Mail

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