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George Bush and the NACC (North American Competitiveness Council) are working hard in 2007 to step up the integration of America, Canada, and Mexico into a trading state (North American Union) before Americans become aware of the criminal nature of their plan and rise up to stop them. If the conspirators succeed, the American worker will be the big loser and the ‘American Dream” will be just that.

When the President talks about NAFTA (the setup for this union), all he can say is that the volume of trade went up. That’s it. What also happened was that NAFTA turned an American trade surplus with Mexico and Canada into a continuing trade deficit.

And, thanks to NAFTA, American wages have fallen and 3 million good-paying manufacturing jobs have been lost to outsourcing, illegal immigration (Mexico, Central America), and special visa programs that import high tech workers.

Wages for jobs in construction, packing plants, and manufacturing have continued to drop as American corporations hire illegals (illegally) and pay them less than American workers, often with no benefits.

Technology workers, including engineers, are losing their jobs to outsourcing (India is a favorite recruiting ground). Companies are also hiring foreign engineers to immigrate to the U.S. and replace American workers under H-1B and other visa programs.

“American companies are allowed to bring in skilled foreigners on H-1B visas to fill vacant positions for which there are no qualified American workers. At least, that’s how it was supposed to work. In reality, American programmers are available for the jobs, but companies prefer to hire foreign workers because of their willingness to work for lower wages and fewer benefits.” [, 09/02/07, Tech Firms want more for less, Joyce Lain Kennedy]

Mike Emmons, a Siemens worker who was replace by a foreigner said: “These people are putting Americans out of work. They brought the employees into a room and told them what was going to happen and that they were going to train them (foreigners) and they held out a carrot and said if you don’t stay and train them you won’t get your severance.

“Every night I go to bed and think about what our Congress has done to Americans. I go to bed and I just lay there and think, my God, they turned on us like this.”

Senator John Cornyn [R-TX], sponsored Senate Bill 2691 on May 2, 2006 to increase the number of H-1B highly skilled foreign professionals in the U.S. working for American companies. Silicon Valley is scooping up this high tech cheap labor as fast as it can, even if Americans are available.

This is a deliberate attempt by the Bush/corporate alliance to bring American wages down so that the North American Union will be ready to compete against Asia when the structure of the union, if not the name, will be in place by 2010.

For an idea of how tough the foreign competition is in regards to wages, consider that hundreds of multinational corporations have moved their manufacturing plants to Asia, in particular China, where labor is real cheap, the hours are long, and the workers, mostly young women, don’t complain. The following examples will illustrate why CEOs have a spring in their step these days.

STOREWARS/(Chinese) Sweatshop Profiles

Wal-Mart/Kathie Lee, [ Li Wen Factory, wages $0.20 to $0.35 per hour/ hours per week 84; 12-hour shifts 7 days a week; mandatory 24-hour shifts during rush times/ conditions, forced overtime, severe fines for refusal to comply; no benefits, no overtime rate; no fire exits in dormitories, no work contract, workers have never heard of a Code of Conduct (for companies) ]

J.C. Penney, [Zhong Mei Garment (factory), wages $0.18 per hour/ hours per week 78; 11-hour shifts; 7 days a week/ conditions, no union; no benefits; workers have never heard of J.C. Penney Corporate Code of Conduct.]

Nike Athletic Shoes, [ Wellco Factory, wages $0.16 per hour/ hours per week 77-84; 11 to 12 hour shifts; 7 days a week/ conditions, workers fined if they refuse to work overtime; overtime rate not paid…humiliation, screaming, some corporal punishment;…fines if talking at work; approximately 10 children in the sewing section; most workers have never heard of Nike’s Code of Conduct. ]

Wal-Mart [ Tianjin Yuhua Garment Factory, wages $0.23 per hour/ hours per week 60; conditions, Wal-Mart is pulling out of this factory and other large publicly owned plants in the north to relocate its work to unregulated lower-wage privately owned sweatshops in the south of China.] For other factories go to:

The goal of George Bush and his corporate allies continues to be the destruction of our constitutional republic, ending any ties or responsibilities to its workers (spelled out clearly in the FTAA Draft, Chapter VII, Labor Issues, 1,2), and the implementation of a trading state (North American Union, then the Free Trade Area of the Americas),  run by trade agreements for the benefit of corporations. As Bush might explain to the American worker, you are all free agents now, along with the Mexicans, Hondurans, Chileans, etc. (all fighting for the same jobs, willing to work cheap, don’t need benefits).

There will be no unity, nothing left to believe in.

“If the social bonds that hold the nation together are shattered, we will become slaves to destiny instead of masters of it. When people no longer believe that their nation and their society is loyal to them, social order will inevitably break down (and with it, ironically, the world’s economy itself.).

Far from promoting liberty and prosperity, a world without borders will inevitably lead to conflict, misery, and chaos-in other words, tyranny.” [Ira Mehlman, Grand Delusions: Open Borders Will Destroy Society, World & I, August 2005]  

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