Mar 162007

That “comprehensive immigration bill” for 2007, aka The Trojan Horse Bill, that Ted Kennedy and John McCain are working on is “a revised version of S. 2611 that passed the Republican controlled Senate last year.” And S. 2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006, also has a bill in it that Republican members of the Senate tried to sneak through Congress in 2006. That bill, quietly inserted into S. 2611, will put a common security perimeter around America, Canada, and Mexico. The result will be open borders and the rapid development of a North American Union.

The bill, S. 853, known as the “North American Cooperative Security Act,” was sponsored by Richard Lugar [[R-IN] and contains language setting up this perimeter. The Secretary of State has the responsibility of carrying out “all of the activities described in this Act.”

Read the bill, especially the first 5 pages and pages 18,19. Then go to S. 2611 and SEC. 113 Reports On Improving The Exchange Of Information On North American Security, (3) Visa Policy On Coordination And Immigration Security, then (E), which reads: “…developing and implementing an immigration security strategy for North America that works toward the development of a common security perimeter by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support automated reporting and risk targeting of international passengers.”

The information found on S. 2611 and S. 853 came directly from the CFR plan for Building a North American Community (a union). Specific reference to a common security perimeter can be found on pp. 3,8.

S. 2611, SEC 114, (b), 1,2-Improving The Security Of Mexico’s Southern Border, also has wording that would have the United States aid Mexico in securing its border with Belize and Guatemala, which will be a part of the common security perimeter around North America. See pages 18,19 in S. 853.  

NOTE: A later edition of S. 853 is numbered differently. Reference to a “common security perimeter” can be found in SEC, 3, (7), (E). [SEC. 5 contains wording on Mexico securing its border with Belize and Guatemala.]

More parts of the plan to build this North American Union can be found in S. 2611. Although the Totalization of Social Security Agreement (CFR plan, p. 27), has not been signed by Bush due to opposition in Congress, there is wording in the bill which calls for giving credit to illegal aliens for payments made to Social Security even though fraudulent documents were used.

Other bills to look for in S. 2611 that are part of the plan for the North American Union are: S. 2691, the SKIL Act of 2006, which will bring about a flood of foreign high tech professionals (cheap labor, many from India) and S. 3622, the North American Investment Fund Act, which will build up the infrastructure of Mexico in order to increase wages there, while America continues to hire cheap labor so that the “…wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors [will] have diminished considerably.” [CFR plan, p.28]

Call your senator. Demand that this “Kennedy/McCain Crime Against America Act” be defeated. If the wording in S. 2611 hasn’t been changed from last year and Congress passes it, then it’s over.

The borders will be opened and the free flow of people will be a fact. Cheap labor will unload ships from ports on the Mexican west coast bringing products made with cheap labor from Asia and delivered by thousands of trucks driven by cheap Mexican labor to destinations throughout America and Canada. And a new corporate government will have a growing sovereignty over North America. Then it’s all downhill.  

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