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“A trinational merger is underway that leaps beyond the single market that NAFTA envisioned and, in many ways, would constitute a single state, called simply, North America.” [Miguel Pickard, August 24, 2005]

The leaders of America, Canada and Mexico are committing this illegal act by stealth and are using psychological conditioning in order to persuade citizens to embrace this new political state. This is not so much for older adults, who still have a love for their country, but for the current generation in school and their children.

Pickard is probably right about the name. If you were paying attention the last few years, you could not miss the increasing references to globalization, global economy, and North America being used by advertisers.

In the U.S., both corporations and government are exposing citizens to these terms. Ashley Furniture, for example, says they are the largest furniture store in North America, not America. And a recent ad on an American cable company announced that a movie would soon be opening throughout North America.

More companies are adding North America to their name. A can of Planters Cashews has a label that reads: KRAFT FOODS NORTH AMERICA, KRAFT FOODS GLOBAL, INC, and, oh yeah, some place called East Hanover, N.J. USA.

Robert Pastor, the man who developed this plan for a North American Community, testified before a hearing of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, June 9, 2005:

“North American governments can learn from the EU’s [European Union] efforts to establish EU Educational and Research Centers in the United States. Centers for North American studies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico would help people in all three countries to understand the problems and the potential of an integrated North America.—and to think of themselves as North Americans. Scholarships should encourage North American students to study in each other’s country. Until a new conciousness of North America’s promise takes root [that means the propaganda takes effect], many of these proposals will remain impractical.”

Note: Pastor, in his testimony, also praised Senator Richard Lugar [R-IN], S. 853, and Senator John Cornyn [R-TX], S. 3622, for their [stealth] legislation that would provide a big step toward completing this North American union.

The plan for reeducating American citizens to view North America as a good thing is spelled out in the Council on Foreign Relations task force report on Building a North American Community. The EU utilized the same tactics to dupe the Europeans and they are still in play today in advertising and in the school systems throughout the union’s member states.

On page 29 of the CFR plan is a call to “develop a network of centers for North American Studies…We recommend that the three governments open a competition and provide grants to universities in each of the three countries to promote courses, education and research on North America and assist elementary and secondary schools in teaching about North America…To supplement this effort, a student summit should be held periodically in each of the three countries.”

These summits have been taking place. Students from 10 universities in all three NAFTA states recently participated in a North American model parliament with students role playing in making laws for North America.

Christine Frechette, organizer (along with Robert Pastor) of the parliament, said, “We decided to work more with young people because we knew it would be harder to change the way of working within the official organizations, so we decided to work with the next generation…We see this as a way to really get our students more excited about being part of the larger North America.”

Marlon Brown, a former participant from Canada: “The Triumvirate (model parliament) gave me a very practical lesson about North American integration…While I was there, I truly felt as if I was practicing for the roles I would play later on in life.” The next model parliament is scheduled for May 20 to25 at American University.  

 Another way to indoctrinate the young students into becoming North Americans is to “develop teacher exchange training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers. This would assist in removing language barriers and give some students a greater sense of a North American identity. Greater efforts should be made to recruit Mexican language teachers to teach Spanish in the United States and Canada.” [p.30, CFR plan] Also see 

This would be a great idea since Spanish is the primary language now in many parts of America and will be nationwide in the next few decades. Those who are working to add 60+ million more immigrants (mostly Latinos) before 2050 understand the need to communicate with the dominant culture.

Citizens in European countries went through the same process of being lied to by their leaders when they were told all that was being created was a common market. Now the European Parliament and Council pass 80 percent of the legislation for the European Union and has added more areas in which to exert sovereignty over the member states in their 300 page constitution. All members of the EU government take an oath to work for the EU and not their home country. Laws passed by the EU are binding on every person in the member states.

For information on how the cabal which executed the plan used, and continues to use, indoctrination techniques on the unsuspecting and trusting victims, go to:  Click on:  Propaganda, then How the EU uses education and academia to sell integration. Also check out other topics on the site and see the future for America.

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