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“I will say publicly what many people are whispering privately in barbershops, soul food restaurants and church parking lots in South Los Angeles. If relations don’t improve between African Americans and Latinos in Southern California, we are headed for a major racial conflict.” [ Kerman Maddox, African American Summit on Violence Prevention. ]

Maddox is talking about Latino gangs who are carrying out ethnic cleansing of blacks from “their ” neighborhoods, using various forms of intimidation, including murder. Many blacks have left the inner city and moved to the suburbs for safety. Those left behind are targets of the Mexican Mafia, which has given the “green light” to L.A. Latino gangs, 22,000 strong, to kill blacks.

Latino gangs have been conducting a terror campaign against blacks in Los Angeles for over ten years. “Random, racially motivated crimes have been committed across the 88 cities of Los Angeles County by the members of Latino gangs, including the Pomona 12 in the city of Pomona, the 18th Street gang in Southwest Los Angeles, the Toonerville gang in northeast L.A., and the Varrio Tortilla Flats in Compton.” [L.A. Blackout, Brentin Mock, http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=722&printable=1

The violence is not confined to Los Angeles. Latino gang members in Carlsbad, California and in Fresno were charged with hate crimes after attacking black citizens. In Fresno, they shot a black man and said, “We don’t like your kind of people on our street.”

Former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Michael Camacho: “There’s absolutely no motive absent the color of their skin.”

Tony Rafael, L.A. gang expert: “…they (Latino gangs)don’t want their neighborhoods infested with blacks, as if it’s an infestation. It’s pure racial animosity that manifests itself in a policy of a major criminal organization.”

Fourteen-year-old African American Cheryl Green was gunned down by members of the 204th Street gang in December of last year. Ernesto Alcarez and Jonathan Fajardo are charged with special circumstances murder, attempted murder (wounding her friends), and hate crimes. [Horror Gateway, Annette Stark, Los Angeles City Beat]

According to Stark, “There is no black gang that encroaches on the 204’s turf. The hate is so prevalent and obvious that activists and city officials can no longer avoid calling it by the name being used by everyone from prosecutors to opinion writers in the L.A. Times: ethnic cleansing.”

Cheryl Green’s mother: “All I’m saying is that the gangs here have let it be known that they hate black people. They have written it on the walls, grafitti-ed the ground, and put it online, on the web.”

Blacks (American citizens) in Harbor Gateway don’t have freedom of movement in their neighborhood. They are told to not cross 204th Street. They also cannot shop at the Del Amo market. But it doesn’t matter since the Latino gangs have been given the green light to exterminate black Americans whenever they can.

A CNN story on the Cheryl Green murder by the 204th Street gang featured this interview (January 22, 2007):

CNN’s Rowlands: “So, why do these Latino gang members hate blacks? We talked to a 43-year-old Hispanic man who was questioned by police about the Cheryl Green murder.”

Unidentified Hispanic male: “I just wish they would just leave, and go wherever they got to go, and just leave us the way we were, And everything will be cool. We had a nice little-a nice little community here. And it’s not nice anymore., because of them.”

Rowlands: “What did they bring?”

Hispanic male: Ghettoism. They brought lowlife–just, they’re dirty, man”

Rowlands: “Dirty?”

Hispanic male: “You guys know, man.”

Rowlands (voice-over): “Black-brown tension isn’t confined to gangs or this neighborhood. It’s a problem in many cities, prisons, and even some schools where fights, like this one in Southern California, have broken out between black and Latino students. In Los Angeles itself, the tension has spilled into places like Watts and Compton…”

Paula Zahn: “How common do you think that attitude (hating blacks) is?”

Miguel Perez (journalism professor): “Obviously, it’s a lot–it’s very common in Los Angeles because of the killing that’s been going on…And I hope–it doesn’t expand to the rest of the country.” http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0701/22/pzn.01.html

Another green light murder. Some members of the Latino gang, the Avenues, were driving in a stolen van (L.A.) and saw Kenneth Wilson, a black man, getting out of his car. Someone yelled, “Hey, wanna kill a nigger?” They opened fire on Wilson, killing him instantly.” [splcenter.org above]

‘But while the Latino gangs’ racial terror campaign is not new, gang experts and law enforcement authorities say the intensity and frequency of anti-black terrorism is now escalating, as the amount of turf in Los Angeles claimed by Latino gangs continues to increase rapidly. And, as more and more blacks leave inner-city L.A. for safer neighborhoods, those who remain are more vulnerable.” [splcenter.org]

According to a U.S. Department of Justice survey, 47 percent of gang members in the U.S. were Hispanic. Many of those gangs in California have a large number of illegal aliens as members (up to 60 percent of the 20,000 member 18th Street gang in Southern California is illegal, California Department of Justice Study 1995) [Heather MacDonald, testifying before the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims.]

These are American citizens who are being murdered in their neighborhoods as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing by foreign invaders who are meeting no resistance from our federal government.

George Bush, members of his administration, members of Congress, and the heads of corporations like Wal-Mart, Lockheed Martin,et al, are in the process of forming their union of North America and treating American casualties in California and across the nation as the cost of doing business.

They need these illegals to provide corporations with cheap labor in order to compete with Asia and provide more profit for CEOs and investors. There will be 60 to 100 million more immigrants in the next few decades and what we have now in California is a small sample of America’s future, only it will be much more violent.

There is no one to stop the traitors from destroying our soverign republic. The American people are alone. Our leaders have sold us out to corporate greed. And the Mexicans crossing our border will be coming here to preside over the death of America.

James Lewis, LAPD probation officer: “I don’t see much history left for blacks in Los Angeles.”

And I don’t see much left for the rest of us either.

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