Americans Defeat those Who Would Destroy Our Nation

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Jun 282007

Thanks to the efforts by millions of patriotic Americans, the illegal alien amnesty bill was defeated by a vote of 46 to 53. It put a stop, at least for the next two years (?), to the corporate attempt to legalize up to 20 million illegals and to open our borders to the free flow of commerce (building up our trade deficit) and people (cheap labor), an important part of this “economic” union of North America.

The secure borders plan in S. 1639 would have put in place a security perimeter around the United States while Mexico and Canada were securing their land and maritime borders (at least on paper). [S. 1639, Section 127 (a) and Section 133]

Trucks and other transportation would then be able to bring  goods across our border on that NASCO superhighway ( North America Super Corridor Coalition) from ports on Mexico’s west coast, stopping only when they reach a Mexican customs port to be located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Wal-Mart (China-Mart) and Hutchison Whampoa are adding a “$300 million expansion of Mexico’s Pacific port of Lazaro Cardenas. Corporations could then bring in (contaminated) products made with cheap labor from China, unloaded by cheap Mexican labor and transported to Kansas City by cheap Mexican drivers. No Americans need apply.

The U.S. government conspirators (the bill was developed in secret) were shell-shocked at the defeat of the amnesty bill by a “minority” of outraged Americans (they believed their own polls).

Secretary Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security, said:

“I’m disappointed about the fact that there were some necessary tools which we needed to be able to do more than we can currently do in enforcing the law that were left on the floor today.”

George Bush and Michael Chertoff have deliberately failed to secure the borders. Congress authorized  (2006 budget) 2,000 new border patrol agents each year for 5 years but Bush cut the numbers back to 210, not enough to replace those agents lost to attrition.

And Chertoff was praised by Bush for his role in implementing the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America), which would work toward relaxing the borders in order to facilitate the flow of trade and cheap labor.[1]

Bush has allowed up to six million illegals to cross our southern border under his watch, a violation of his oath of office to defend our nation’s borders. And this new bill would only reduce illegal immigration by about 25 percent, if enforced, according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office). Here”s hoping that we can prevent any more damage to our nation, at home and overseas, while he completes his term.

All Americans who took part in standing up for our nation deserve the highest praise. You are the only reason this assault on America was stopped. History was changed.

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