Univision’s Jorge Ramos: Latinos will “Culturally” Reconquer American Territory

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Jul 212007

According to Jorge Ramos, “…the United States is undergoing a true demographic revolution. Some like to call it “La Reconquista.” The same territories that Mexico lost to the United States in 1848-Arizona, Texas, California…and many others that did not form part of the Mexican Republic-such as Florida and Illinois-are experiencing a genuine cultural INVASION…in many of these places Spanish predominates over English and they sell more tortillas and hot sauce than bagels and ketchup…” [1]

Ramos immigrated from Mexico in 1983 and still keeps his Mexican citizenship. Since 1986 he has been the anchorman for Univision’s Noticieros news from Miami. He has written several books, won 7 Emmys, and does a lot of talking about the new America, which will be a place where Latinos are dominant (including politically) and Spanish is the language spoken.

Assimilating into American culture? Forget it. He spoke for the Hispanic population when he said: ” The idea of the melting pot is a myth. The European immigrants-Italians, Germans and Poles, that preceded the Latinos assimilated rapidly to the American culture. But the Latinos have achieved the feat of integrating economically to the United States without losing their culture.” [2]

In a story by Steve Sailer ( August 1, 2004) Ramos again weighed in on the Reconquista: “But while no fighting is taking place on the military or legal fronts, there is fighting going on culturally. It’s the Reconquest. The Latinos are culturally reconquering lands that once were part of the Spanish empire…”  A clear admission that the Reconquista is a fact and America is being invaded. [3]

Rachel Urango, writing on the William C.Velasquez Institute website: “The rest of the nation is becoming more like Southern California as the much talked-about ‘Latinization’ of America slowly  accelerates. In June (2005), the Census Bureau reported that Latinos in the United States topped 40 million, with about a third of them in California. The report was followed by news that Texas had become a minority-majority population, thanks in part to the Latino population. Now five other states are in line, including Arizona. The Latino population is expected to triple over the next half century…there’s no doubt that the Latino influence that has shaped the Los Angeles region will increasingly shape the nation.” [4]

Institutions are also jumping on this train. The University of Oklahoma Outreach program offers workshops on this topic. One is called Beyond Black and White: Preparing Higher Education for the Latinization of America.

Part 1- The Latinization/Browning of America

“Having already surpassed African/Americans in sheer numbers, with population increases…projected to continue at a rapid pace, Latinos will doubtless come to play an increasingly MAJOR ROLE in both the society at large and our institutions of higher education.” [5]

Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington wrote ‘The Hispanic Challenge’ In Public Policy, April, 2004: “[t]he persistence of Hispanic immigrants threatens to divide the United States into two people, two cultures, and two languages…The United States ignores this challenge at its peril… Demographically, socially, and culturally, the reconquista (reconquest) of the Southwest United States by Mexican immigrants is well underway.” [6]

Latinos (Mexicans) across America are talking about more than reconquering the American Southwest. They have the momentum and they feel, with absolute certainty, that they can have it all. With corporations, the president and congress  as their allies, the odds are in their favor. The American people stand alone.

The peoples’ victory over the latest amnesty/North American union bill is just a small roadblock for those who would destroy our nation. The administration and members of congress are now plotting their next move, such as hiding pieces of legislation in major bills, counting on legislators to avoid close scrutiny. It’s up to American citizens to make sure they fail in their conspiracy.

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