New Immigration Bill to Integrate North America?

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Aug 182007

George Bush recently announced a “crackdown” on illegal aliens. This move may be a push to force Congress to bring up another immigration bill.

Bush, Michael Chertoff, and Carlos Gutierrez (Commerce Secretary) have called for another “comprehensive” immigration bill “and put the onus on Congress for any (negative) consequences that may be suffered by employers as a result of the stepped-up enforcement effort.” [1]

In the months ahead Americans should be on the lookout for a particular piece of legislation, probably hidden in a comprehensive immigration bill that, if inacted, would strike a fatal blow to American sovereignty and bring about the eventual end of the United States, literally.

If past immigration bills are a guide, new legislation would provide for the implementation of a common security perimeter around North America, which would open up the interior borders to the eventual free flow of citizens (Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans) anywhere within the security perimeter.

This common security perimeter is an important part of a union of North America. The idea of North American integration (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) was agreed to by Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico at Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005. It is based on a plan by the Council on Foreign Relations which calls for a North American Community; a deep integration of all three nations, including institutions for a North American government. This includes an inter-parliamentary group, a permanent  tribunal, and a North American Competitiveness Council.[2]

The NACC, 10 CEOs from each nation, has been institutionalized and is advising (directing) the three leaders on the construction of what will become a regional government of North America with sovereignty over the three member states. [3]

According to the CFR plan for Building a North American Community, the only way to achieve this security perimeter is through “specific policy, STATUTORY, and procedural changes in all three nations.” [4]

For the past two years, the legislation for building this common security perimeter has been placed in every immigration bill; on the Senate side through the efforts of CFR member John McCain. McCain was also a co-sponsor of a separate bill, S. 853, which was sponsored by Richard Lugar. But it  failed to pass.

The following info will show you what to look for. As each new version of the immigration bill  was offered up, wording and numbering of the common security perimeter sections were sometimes changed in order to confuse those few congressmen who read it.

S. 853 North American Cooperative Security Act

SEC. 3, (a) “Not later than 6 months after the enactment of this Act, and every 6 months thereafter, the Secretary of State, with the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Defense…shall submit a joint report…[with] a description of the efforts to carry out this section…”

SEC. 3, (7), (E) The following project- “developing and implementing a North American immigration strategy that works toward the development of a COMMON SECURITY PERIMETER (my caps) by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support and advance automated reporting and risk targeting of international passengers.”

SEC. 5 Improving the security of Mexico’s Southern Border

This wording directs that efforts also be made to aid Mexico in gaining control of its border with Belize and Guatemala, thus completing the common security perimeter. [5]

It means that with a security perimeter around North America all foreigners will be cleared through ports of entry in any of the three member states. Once cleared, they are considered cleared throughout North America and can travel without delays. Imports will also be cleared in the same manner and will be transported by highway and rail, eventually, throughout North America on transportation corridors – without stopping at the border.

In addition, systems such as biometric identifiers, passport cards, and Real ID will enable citizens to move freely throughout North America. They will be free to “live and work” anywhere inside the perimeter. There will be no immigration problem because all citizens inside the perimeter will  be citizens of North America.

S. 2611 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006

This bill has the same wording as S. 853

SEC. 113, (3), (E), a common security perimeter.

SEC. 114,  Aid to Mexico in order to secure Mexico’s southern border. [6]

The last bill. S. 1639, June 19, 2007, also failed to pass. It was put together by Ted Kennedy with help from John McCain. It had a number of entries devoted to securing the border of North America but with language spread out over the legislation and carefully worded to confuse the reader. Three sections describe the new attempt to direct construction of a common security perimeter around North America.

S. 1639, SEC. 126 Surveillance Plan

(a) “The Secretary shall develop a comprehensive plan for the systematic surveillance of the international land and maritime borders of the United States.”

Instead of securing our southern border with Mexico, we are to secure the entire border surrounding the United States. You don’t see the term “common security perimeter” and “North America” together.

SEC. 127, (f) “Nothing in this section or section 111 may be construed to relieve the Secretary of the reponsibility to take all actions necessary and appropriate to achieve operational control over the entire land and maritime borders of the United States.”

SEC. 133, (e) Divergence From Priorities

“The Commissioner may diverge from the priority order if the Commissioner determines that significantly changed circumstances, such as immediate security needs or changes in infrastructure in MEXICO or CANADA (my caps) alter the need for a project in the united States. [7]

Note that Mexico and Canada will be working on their part of the common security perimeter at the same time, coordinating their efforts with the United States. The security perimeter is supposed to be operational within 18 months after the bill becomes law and the infrastructure is in place and certified.

The odds are that any new immigration bill will have a provision for this common security perimeter for North America hidden somewhere in it. This legislation is essential for the union of North America to proceed.

It’s also essential for Americans to remain vigilant. Get a copy of new immigration bills and check for youself. Let your representatives know that you expect them to examine all legislation with riders attached. The fate of our nation is at stake.

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