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“And now with the passage of time we are seeing that it (NAFTA) is more than a free trade treaty, and we are moving the countries that form part of North America forward, to pass from a period of free trade to a period in which we are constructing intelligently an ECONOMIC COMMUNITY of NORTH AMERICA.” (Jose Gonzalez Paras, Governor of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, in a speech attended by Mary Peters, Secretary of Transportation of the United States, Feb. 22, 2007. My translation.) [1]

This is what Mayor Evaristo Lenin Perez of Ciudad Acuna, Mexico was referring to when he said, “This (North American Union) is not a new idea. In fact where there are border meetings between border governors or border legislatures this is a topic that continually comes up…If only people know the benefits of opening the borders and working together, improving the quality of life for all, then no one would be opposed to a North American Union.” [2]

According to the state of Nuevo Leon website in northeastern Mexico, Governor Rick Perry (see photo) has conferred with Governor Paras and others on a number of occasions to discuss plans for constucting an extension of the Trans-Texas Corridor into Mexico as the southern part of what Paras calls a “Trans North American Corridor.”

This includes making the city of Monterrey an inland port connected with the inland port of San Antonio and beyond. Goods and tourists from North America would use a multimodal transportation system to travel throughout the continent. Cargo which is off-loaded at ports on Mexico’s west coast would travel to inland ports like Monterrey where they would utilize several systems to transport goods to the rest of North America. ( Canada is working on its part of the North American Corridor, which would connect with ports on its west coast.)

Governor Paras has said his discussions on these projects included the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters and the Secretary of State. That, of course, would be projects like the Trans-Texas Corridor, part of the NAFTA superhighway across North America that George Bush and his crew keep denying. They also deny that the U.S. Government is involved in any way. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. [3]

This free flow of traffic across our southern and northern borders would be possible (legal) only if Congress passes a bill for “developing and implementing an immigration security strategy for NORTH AMERICA that works toward the development of a COMMON SECURITY PERIMETER…” Then the internal borders between Mexico, Canada and the United States can be opened to people and commerce. That wording in such legislation can be found in H.R. 1645, the STRIVE ACT, which is in committee. [4] 

Governor Paras: “We were recently in the city of Austin, with Governor Rick Perry, and we received total support from the mayor of Laredo, and from the Governor of the state for strengthening this strategic route…that later would connect us from Laredo to San Antonio. [5]

“Also, we are working in Monterrey in order to create an inland port—a central  multimodal that can rapidly move goods and connect Monterrey with the inland port of San Antonio and later, to be part of a strategic project that we are working on with the Federal Government of Mexico and [which] we discuss with the Secretary of Transportation [and] with the Secretary of State.

“We are working on strengthening this tourist route, which…would connect Monterrey with San Antonio.” (My translation)

From the official Texas Department of Transportation Trans-Texas Corridor Plan, Executive Summary:

“Expanding the corridor beyond Texas will require a cooperative effort with Mexico, as well as Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.”

“Many statutory tools for corridor development are in place, but some changes in state and federal law will be needed.”  (2002TTC Plan)[6] 

That Economic Community of North America which Governors Perry and Paras are working on ( in Texas against the will of its citizens) , with help from high-ranking U.S. Government officials, is to be in place after that virtual fence around North America is completed with the approval of Congress. And the “Trans North American Corridor” is essential for the completion of a corporate union of North America. 

Then watch your wages fall as cheap labor inundates America.

To add to this “race to the bottom” drop in American wages is a prediction by Alan S. Blinder. He is a Princeton University economist, former Federal Reserve Board vice chairman and a member of Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers. Blinder says that as many as 40 million American jobs are “at risk of being exported in the next decade or two.” (Runaway corporate greed). [7]

The middle class is becoming extinct. The corporate plan is working.

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