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The artwork below is an entry in the “Design Your Portion of the Border Fence”, located on The Reform Institute website, which was founded by Council on Foreign Relations member John McCain. The art won first place.

The Reform Institute had a contest in August of 2007. In it, “Brickfish, the online content marketing platform,…announced a partnership with nonpartisan policy think tank, The Reform Institute, to launch the…campaign. The thought-provoking contest invites entrants to offer their opinions on the U.S.-Mexico border fence debate with original designs for decorating it.” (Most were anti-fence and some even compared it to the Berlin Wall. To see the other winners and top entries go here.) 

John McCain started The Reform Institute after his 2000 run for president. The “think tank” pursues political objectives, including  promoting “comprehensive immigration” reform (aka amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants, also large increases in temporary worker programs, H-1B and other visas, plus open borders).

Dr. Juan Hernandez, former Mexican cabinet member under Vicente Fox, is the Hispanic Outreach Director for McCain’s Reform Institute. Both he and McCain are ardent supporters of open borders and the free flow of people (especially cheap labor) across North America. The end game is a NEW AMERICA, Latinized and initially encompassing North America, followed by the Western Hemisphere (Free Trade Area of the Americas). 

Some quotes attributed to Hernandez, who holds dual citizenship with Mexico and the United States, reveal that he and McCain, when you check McCain’s record on immigration, are on the same page.

Hernandez: “We must not only have a free flow of goods and services (across the border with the United States), but also start working for a free flow of people.” ( See his nonstop rave on Fox News video.)

This “free flow” comes directly from the Council on Foreign Relations plan for Building a North American Community by 2010. A complete explanation of this blueprint for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, with documentation, can be found on a U.S. Department of State website. Go here and click on new blog, ‘John McCain: A Threat to America’ currently posted. (Photo: Juan Hernandez, adviser Mark Mckinnon and Meghan McCain)

According to former presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, Hernandez once told him, “I work with the Mexican community in the United States, the Mexican community because I don’t want them essentially going native on us. We want them continually tied emotionally, linguistically, politically to Mexico.”

No assimilation. It fits right in with the merger of North America, a continent in which citizens of North America can travel, live and work anywhere inside the common security perimeter but retain their culture and language.  Programs like social security would be merged. Bush agreed to merge (totalization) with Mexico’s social security system in 2004 but has not signed the agreement.

Hernandez also told Tancredo, “Congressman, it’s not two countries (America and Mexico); it’s just a region.”

This is exactly what Bush and McCain are working for, the deconstruction of the sovereign nation and replacment by a trading region exercising sovereignty over the member states. Check out the European Union.  

On August 25, 2000, George Bush gave a speech to Hispanics in Miami, acknowledging that the United States as we know it will soon no longer exist. And he embraces it.

“We are now one of the largest Spanish-speaking nations in the world. We’re a major source of Latin music, jounalism and culture.

“Just go to Miami, or San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago or West New York, New Jersey…and close your eyes and listen. You could just as easily be in Santo Domingo, or San Miguel de Allende.

“For years our nation has debated this change-some have praised it and others have resented it. By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.” (That would be an Hispanic America where Spanish, by demographic dominance, will eventually be the primary language spoken throughout the continent.)  

Dowell Myers, in “Who Needs Immigrants for a Better Future?” (from The Reform Institute), pushes for immigration to America in order to support the 78 million baby boomers retiring over the next couple of decades. That is why Bush wants a totalization of social security for the expected population growth by 2050 in the United States of up to 140 million more people, most from the third world.

That is also the reason why transnational corporations  (like Bill Gates Microsoft) are taking advantage of our population decline (the caucasion race is diminishing worldwide) in order to change the demographics of America by importing cheap, temporary labor, with little or no benefits, from Mexico and Asia (especially India). The goal is to diminish the wage differentials between Mexico and its two northern neighbors. That, of course, means a lower wage scale for  North America.

Corporations need to be able to compete globally. So, in addition to low wages, they want to end the legislative roadblocks preventing huge profits by destroying the sovereign nation. There will be no more middle class, only a mass of workers competing for scarce jobs and a region (North America) run by trade agreement bureaucracies. Later, institutions like the current NACC (North American Competitiveness Council) and an interparliamentary group, will produce legislation for the trading region, exercising sovereignty over the member states, following the EU pattern.

CFR member John McCain has stated that he is a globalist and will seek trade agreements throughout the world and will pursue the completion of the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). Vicente Fox and George Bush tried to complete this economic merger of 34 nations in the Western Hemisphere by 2005 but failed. Fox declared in several talk show appearances that the FTAA would include a common currency. (see John McCain will integrate the Western Hemisphere if elected President, click new blog, then archives, Dec. 22, 2007) Also see this blog, archives, Oct. 12, 2007, ‘Vicente Fox Declares Support for North American Union, FTAA.

McCain has cosponsored, supported and worked on comprehensive immigration bills over the last two years. These bills, if passed, would open the door to immigrants, putting more pressure on our collapsing economy. The security section of these bills would also implement a common security perimeter around North America, the key to further integration of the continent into a political union. If elected, McCain will do everything in his power to make this NEW AMERICA a reality.

More McCain/Hernandez videos  (modified 03/25/08)

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