Spain’s Amnesty for Illegals: A Warning to America

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Oct 232008

America’s “leaders” have been trying to pass a comprehensive immigration (amnesty) bill for three years but were defeated by millions of citizens demanding that it be voted down.

A column of illegals from Mexico takes a break in the Arizona desert.But such a bill is still on the table and both candidates for president have indicated that they will sign it if Congress passes one. Americans should understand the similarities between the United States and Spain on the subject of immigration, including what happened when their leader declared an amnesty for illegals.

Spain’s hunger for cheap labor (sound familiar?) has brought widespread unemployment, a strain on their economy and race riots from Gypsies, North Africans and also the same Central American gangs that are terrorizing Americans across our nation.

Now that it has experienced a bust in its housing bubble, Spain is trying “to persuade immigrants to leave by offering to pay them a lump sum and then provide unemployment benefits in their home countries.” This after an earlier amnesty signaled an open border for immigrants from around the world.

Violence has picked up in this former immigrant friendly nation as diverse groups (diversity is not their strength) battle it out in the streets:

Sept. 17, 2008: “The question on the minds of many Spaniards is how many more immigrants Spain will take in before growing anti-immigrant sentiment turns violent. Those fears were most recently sparked in early September, when race riots erupted in a southern resort town near Almeria.

Spanish police hold 8 African immigrants after riots.“The fighting in Roquetas del Mar was caused by a dispute between Spanish Gypsies and African immigrants in which a 28-year old Senegalese man was stabbed to death. Outraged immigrants went on a rampage, setting fire to the home of the man they said was responsible, and erecting barricades, smashing shop windows and for two days keeping riot police at bay with stones and bottles. Police responded with baton charges and rubber bullets in scenes that reminded many Spaniards of last year’s race riots in France. 

“It was the latest outburst of race-related violence that has been on the rise in Spain. In January 2007…up to 1,000 Spanish youths fought Latin American immigrants in the Madrid suburb of Alcorcon. They said they were reclaiming the neighborhood from gangs that had arrived from Central America.”

Spain has two enclaves on the coast of Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla. The government has erected border fences around the two sites to keep thousands of Africans from entering these “stepping stones” to Europe. See ‘Spain repels  African immigrants who stormed a razor-wire border fence.’

In 2005 Prime Minister Zapatero tried to solve the problem of illegals when he “decided to ‘fix’ the problem by granting the largest blanket amnesty in Spanish history to nearly one million of them. But while the politically correct prime minister regularly boasts that his ‘humane’ approach to immigration has added a mulititude of new contributors to Spain’s  unsustainable social security system, he has been less than willing to acknowledge that he has triggered an avalanche of uncontrolled immigration.”

Spain’s population increased from ’40 million in 2000 to just over 46 million as of 1 January 2008…Spain now has the largest number of immigrants in the developed world after the United States.”

The native Spaniards have one of the lowest birthrates in the world at 0.7 children per woman and the country needed immigrants to fuel their agriculture and construction industries. And, in order “to keep the Spanish pension system from bankrupting, immigrants will have to make up 20 percent of Spain’s population by 2030.”

Mara Salvatrucha is one of several gangs from Central America active in Spain. America has problems with the same gangs. And uncontrolled immigration is the reason.        Most European Union countries have criticized Zapatero’s immigration policies, in particular the mass amnesty of illegal immigrants in Spain. According to French President Zarkozy:

“We see the damage caused by the phenomenon of massive regularization (amnesty). Every country which has conducted an operation of massive regularization finds itself the next month [in a position that] does not allow it to master the situation anymore.”

As we all know, George Bush and corporate America have been working to bring in cheap labor from Mexico and around the world in order to lower wages so they can be competitive with the third world. The open borders policy of Bush has brought in up to 20 million illegal immigrants and an amnesty bill would cause, according to a 2006 PEW poll, up to 40 percent of Mexicans to consider crossing the U.S. border. That’s over 40 million more immgrants.

George Bush secretly made a Totalization of Social Security Agreement with Mexico in 2004, which he has not yet signed. He needs at least 60 million more immigrant workers to pay into our Social Security system over the next four decades to “save” it from going broke as 78 million baby boomers retire over the same period.

This agreement would combine the earnings of Mexicans working in the United States with their earnings from Mexico’s retirement system. This also applies to the approximately 3,000 Americans working in Mexico. Mexicans, including illegals, who retire in the United States would collect earnings from both systems (not much from Mexico, of course).

The totalization plan would “put millions of illegal Mexicans into the U.S. Social Security System. They would collect benefits based on their U.S. earnings under false or stolen Social Security numbers plus alleged earnings in Mexico.

“American citizens must work ten years to be eligible for Social Security benefits but the totalization agreement would allow Mexicans to qualify with only 18 months of work in the United States.” See Center for Immigration Studies for a clear explanation of Totalization with Mexico.

“The Bush Totalization plan would lure even more Mexicans into the United States illegally in the hope of amnesty and eligibility for Social Security benefits for themselves, as well as their spouses and dependents who may never have lived in the United States.” See Social Security Benefits for Noncitizens.

Rather than save our Social Security system, this third world invasion would bring in many more dependents and a quicker end to the program. These illegal immigrants are draining our welfare system, causing our hospitals to bankrupt (80 in California) and placing a burden on our school systems as well as our prisons.

And they don’t like America or its people. They are killing Americans in much greater numbers than the total death count of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mexicans have also made it clear that they will have sovereignty in America and Spanish will be the language spoken. See Categories: Immigration or Invasion, this blog.

The reason the Mexicans will succeed is because our “leaders” are welcoming them, using them to provide part of a large, mobile, cheap labor force to serve the ruling elites. It’s part of a greater plan for a merger of North America, followed by an integrated trading region of the Western Hemisphere, the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

This huge influx of a foreign, hostile population, if allowed, will mark the end of our nation. It will be lost, not by brave American patriots suffering defeat at the hands of a superior enemy but by tired, uninformed, distracted and confused citizens, awakening after it’s too late.

Writer Brenda Walker asks:

“Is the American experiment with representative government doomed to an ignominious death? Is the nation-state itself an inevitable victim of the powerful forces of globalism?

There are a number of factors coming together to form the “perfect storm” and no one has a solution. In fact, those in power are the problem. So the answer is yes. It appears that America’s last chapter is now being written.

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