Americans Abandoning California

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Jan 142009

Will the last American leaving California please bring the flag. Back in the 90s that was a The long line of illegal alien invaders crossing the desert to America is causing Americans to flee their homes. common phrase used for Miami. There are more towns and cities in the western part of America where the same could be said today. The exodus of American citizens from their homes in California, due to the invasion of illegal Mexicans and OTM (other than Mexicans) is well documented.

The demographic takeover of our nation (Reconquista) is well underway by Mexicans, with plenty of help from treasonous Democrats and Republicans. The march toward global governance and open borders is gaining momentum. The next step is a comprehensive immigration bill, which would legalize up to 20 million illegals and provide the incentive for more to cross the border and get on the gravy train. The Senate has a bill called S.9, “Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009.” No text of the bill has been released. Obama supports an amnesty bill.

The deliberate failure to secure our borders is a violation of the oath of office by President Bush and other members of his administration. His intentions to change the demographics of our nation was made clear on a number of occasions. On August 25, 2000, Bush gave a speech to a Hispanic audience:

“We are one of the largest Spanish speaking nations in the world. We’re a major source of Latin music, journalism and culture.

“Just go to Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago or West New York, New Jersey…and close your eyes and listen. You could just as easily be in Santo Domingo or Santiago, or San Miguel de Allende.

“For years our nation has debated this change–some have praised it and others have resented it. By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.”

Bush is talking about changing the makeup of America with Spanish speaking Latinos from throughout the Western Hemisphere, but primarily with cheap labor from Mexico. No assimilation is required and no one needs to speak English since everyone will be citizens of  a corporate North America, with free mobility on the continent. Next on the agenda will be Bush’s latest gift to corporations,  the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas initiative, an integrated economic region of the Western Hemisphere (the U.S. answer to the European Union). See Parallel Societies within America.

You’ve heard the phrase, “As goes California, so goes America.” So read on and behold America’s future as the Reconquista moves on.

Dr. William Frey and reporter Jonathan Tilove, writing for the New York Times Magazine in 1995:

“For every immigrant who arrives [in large metropolitan areas], a white person leaves. Look collectively at the New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Boston metropolitan areas-5 of the top 11 immigration destinations. In the last half of the 80s, for every 10 immigrants who arrived, 9 residents left for points elsewhere. And most of those leaving were non-Hispanic whites…”

Today the flight continues. “The number of people (American citizens) leaving California during the year ending on July 1, 2008 amounted to a net loss of 144,000 Californians–more than any other state, according to census estimates.”

“It is the fourth consecutive year that more residents decamped from California for other states than arrived here within the U.S.” But “the state’s population continues to increase overall because of births and immigration, legal and illegal.” (mostly Mexicans)

In the last decade Mexicans have branched out across America, destroying the financial well-being of governments at all levels. These illegals (up to 20 million) utilize our free medical care, welfare systems and prisons. See Unwilling to Protect America.

California has been on the front lines of this invasion, which is supported by Bush, Republicans, Democrats, corporate America and the Catholic Church, to name a few. The state has the highest business tax in the west and the second highest personal income tax in the nation. Housing is way beyond affordable (even today) and the continued huge influx of illegal aliens has exacerbated the no-win situation. Today, California is in dire straits. Out of control immigration is driving American taxpayers to leave California and as a result, the state has no money.

According to the Census Bureau, “data indicate that, in 2005, 239,416 more native-born Americans left the state than moved in. California is also on pace to lose domestic population (not counting immigrants) this year.” (2006)

Californians who speak out about illegal immigration describe why they fled the state. Their experience is exactly what awaits the rest of America if nothing is done to stop it.

“I am one of those native Californians fleeing the state. My reasons are two fold but are interelated. California has become so overcrowded that driving anywhere whether it is Mexicans want to take back the continent by demographic dominance.60 miles away or 6 miles away, has become a nightmare. The freeways have no right to bear that name. Because of overcrowding and housing demand, housing costs have skyrocketed. The only people who can afford to live here are the illegal immigrants who are living 30 people to a single family home…which brings me to my second point. A big part of  California’s overcrowding problem is due to illegal immigration and this state’s kowtowing to those same illegals.

“Southern California has become Mexico and unfortunately for us, it hasn’t been the nice parts of Mexico. Gang violence, graffiti, and litter is so commonplace in Southern California that people barely notice it anymore. It’s sad and disgusting. Our elected representation chose to turn a blind eye and so those of us who are keeping the government in money are leaving. Let them collect their taxes from the illegal aliens. I predict California will be bankrupt within ten years. (The state is already there). posted by Kat, June 07, 2007

“I am also a Cali native in the process of leaving the state. Not only is the housing an issue, but the illegal immigrants run rampant in my neighborhood in Orange. My wife and I thought that paying a little more for a home in the Orange area would allow us to raise our 6 month old with pride and safety for many years. Not only did illegal immigrants move in directly across the street within 2 months of our move in date, but coincidently, crime skyrocketed in the area. Other neighbors that have been in the area for years have NEVER experienced crime such as this. Peoples bikes, tools, etc started to become missing. I hated to blame the 4 ILLEGAL families living in the home, but when stolen tools were found in their backyard that belonged to other neighbors, I knew it was just the beginning.

“I noticed an increase in grafitti and loud music on our street. The city of Orange (department of housing) and ICE will not do their job in policing these families. Parking on my street is almost impossible to find due to an average of 10-12 utterly miserable looking cars parked nightly around their house.

“California has become a place for the very Rich and/or the very Poor. If your rich, you don’t care about the outside world or bills. If your poor, the State will take care of your health needs and usually you won’t care about your quality of life. The Middle class gets stuck paying taxes, health care, and everything possible that the State can squeeze out of us. This is why they are leaving fast.

“If you’re smart and want a nice life for you and your family, you will leave this armpit ASAP. I really hate to say this, but I hope this state does go under the Pacific…SOON!!! I agree with Kat. By the way, speaking English in the U.S. should NOT be an option, it should ALWAYS be a necessity in our schools AND Society. God Bless and Good luck to all you Californians staying behind. You’ll definitely need it. Posted by Jay, June 25, 2007

“I have lived in California my whole life. I used to love it here. Now my husband and I Mexicans, including congressmen, professors and fruit pickers, all proudly proclaim their intentions. hate it. Everyone in the neighborhood is illegal. We have one neighbor that is not and he is moving now too. Our next door neighbor has 24 people living in there house. They have so many cars that we are sometimes forced to park ours down the street and walk to our house. They leave beer cans all over there yard and trash piled up on the side of there house. Most of the cars they own are not running. They push them to different spots on the road so they don’t get tickets or towed.

“I really want to have kids. I don’t see us living happily and raising a family here. I must say that this place has gone to sh*t. The only thing left that California has going for it is the natural scenery and the weather. Other than that it sucks. What will be left is rich people who care less about anyone but themselves and the poor who will continue to soak up whatever benefits and money they can off the government. Then the really poor people who will just crowd the streets drunk begging for money.

“It is the middle class people that are getting screwed. I work every day and I pay for my own benfits. I don’t ask for assistance and I take care of all my bills. But I am literally being pushed out of my home town. We are moving to Washington State in just a week. I am super excited and I don’t care if it rains there everyday. Anything is better than this. I just want to have nicer neighbors, cleaner air, cheaper cost of living, and finally get our own place instead of getting rent raped. We cant even afford to save let alone buy our own house here.

“Wish us luck…Goodby Cali hello Washington!!! Just for the record I am not a racist…I like all people in general and I feel sorry for all the people left behind to deal with it.”

Much Love, Ex Cali girl October 02, 2007

This influx of illegals is happening all across America. And the Census Bureau predicts 100 million more third worlders in the next three decades (at least). If you like the present economic collapse, you’ll love the future.

If not, you can’t run forever. At some point, you have to make a stand.

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