Amnesty: America’s Final Chapter

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Feb 192009

If a comprehensive immigration amnesty bill passes, that will be the day our nation begins its final chapter.

All Americans should know that the leaders you have trusted to protect and defend your nation and constitution have deliberately violated their oaths of office over the last two decades, starting with George H.W. (New World Order) Bush, and proceeding on to Barack Obama, who has taken up the banner of global governance.

The summit meetings of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Canadian citizens are very active in their fight against a corporate state of North America, and a loss of their sovereignty.(SPP), a plan to construct a continental trading region consisting of the merger of Canada, Mexico and the United States, will be continued under President Obama. He will receive “advice” from his ministers and the CEOS representing the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), on how to build this economic and security union.

Much of the harmonization and integration of standards and economic sectors will continue to be handled at the U.S. Department of Commerce but the difficult part must be done through congressional legislation, topics such as changing the borders of our nation, which will lead to the dissolution of our sovereign nation.

This legislation is based on the Council on Foreign Relations plan for Building a North American Community, which has been called the road map for the SPP in an article from the State Department.

In order to allow for the “free flow” of people (cheap labor) and commerce across national borders, the boundaries of the three nations of North America have to be changed. A common security perimeter (virtual fence) around the continent would permit the  internal borders between Mexico and the United States and between Canada and the United States to be relaxed and eventually opened, as in the European Union. Entry into Canada, Mexico or the United States by visitors cleared at ports of entry would be considered valid for travel into any part of North America. See the CFR plan, then click on English version (295K PDF), p. 8, common security perimeter.

This is necessary for the integration process to continue in the same way as the EU, incrementally integrating the three nations over time until a North American Community (union) is essentially a reality. By then the notion of making it official is accepted by the people. During this period, the public/private propaganda machine, also known as the Ministry of Truth, keeps the masses entertained and learning to think of themselves a North Americans. Remember the slogan, Diversity is our Strength? Notice how often you see and hear the words North America in the mass media. It is deliberate.

Legislation for a common security perimeter, with the help of CFR member John McCain, has been inserted in comprehensive immigration bills over the last three years but never passed. So George Bush kept our border with Mexico open to illegals (mainly from Mexico) in order to transfer tens of millions of them to the United States, using this cheap labor to “diminish” the wage differentials between Mexico and its northern neighbors.  See CFR plan above, pp. 27, 28. 

With so many illegals and their families here in America a fait accompli, the pro-illegal alien crowd has said there is no way we could send them back so let’s make them legal, with a chance to become citizens. These illegals would then be able to sponsor many more family members. In addition other Mexicans, to rid themselves of the violence and poverty of their nation, would join the rush to America and stake claim to Social Security, giving them access to money and benefits they could never have in Mexico.

The immigrant population would continue to expand through a high birth rate and the United States current immigration policy of allowing in several million legal immigrants yearly to take American jobs, even as American workers are being laid off. Those in Congress, the media and the White House, who refuse to even discuss the topic, are guilty of the deliberate, premeditated  destruction of America and the end our sovereign republic.

George Bush completed a Totalization of Social Security  agreement with Mexico in  2004 but never signed it because of congressional opposition. If enacted, the agreement would combine the two systems in order to provide benefits to workers who have lived and worked in both nations. That means about 3,000 Americans in Mexico would now be covered and 20-30 million Mexicans in the United States. Not a good deal. See CFR plan above, p.27.

Now for the really bad part. America, in the midst of an economic meltdown that has every sign of becoming much worse, will not survive the horrors to come.

Most of these Mexicans don’t want to be part of the gringo led American culture or to speak Professor Gutierrez brags that Mexicans will takeover America.English. And they certainly don’t have loyalty to a nation that they claim has abused them throughout history. They have made their preferences public knowledge over the last two decades. From fruit pickers to congressmen and celebrities, they have made it clear that they are taking over, not just the Southwest U.S., but an expanded agenda that includes the rest of our nation.

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas, Arlington, speaking at a conference at U.C. Riverside, Jan. 1995:

“We are migrants, free to travel the length and breath of the Americas because we belong here…We just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying…The explosion is in our population.”

Jorge Ramos, long time anchor for Univision’s Noticieros, said:

“…While no fighting is taking place on the military or legal fronts, there is fighting going on culturally. It’s the Reconquest. The Latinos are culterally reconquering lands that were once part of the Spanish empire…” Aug. 1, 2004

Barack Obama, during a campaign stop in Powder Springs, Ga., July 9, 2008, acknowledged that the America we know will no longer exist when he said:

“You need to make sure that your child can speak Spanish.” 

With at least a hundred and thirty million more inhabitants over the next four decades, many indigent, our nation will come apart at the seams. We are running out of water in America, during normal economic times we barely could get our quota of oil to run our vehicles and a food crisis occurred in parts of the world last year, including riots in nearby Haiti.

How do you think the situation will improve if we add that many people to our nation, people that download a lot of babies or, as Professor Gutierrez put it, “The explosion is in our population.”  Also see Divided: America Falls.

“When multiculturalism dominates our society, American civilization with all its constituent virtues will also come to an end. That process, already well advanced in our major cities, will only accelerate as America continues to receive a mass migration several orders of magnitude greater in scale and diversity then that which submerged the Roman empire.” Lawrence Austin, first published in 1994.

With so many diverse groups, having no common culture, language or history and no loyalty to what’s left of our nation, America will break up and it won’t be peaceful. 



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