Apr 272009

An outbreak of a new strain of flu has been “likely linked” to the deaths of at least 81 in Illegal aliens pose a serious threat to Americans by spreading a possible flu epidemic.Mexico and has spread to California, Texas, Kansas and New York.  And in New Zealand,   “22 students and three teachers, who returned from a three-week-long language trip to Mexico, may have been infected with the virus.”

“South Korea said it will test airline passengers arriving from the United States. And Japan will convene a Cabinet meeting Monday to come up with measures to block the entry of the virus into the country.”

Back home, “the UNITED STATES has not issued any travel warnings or quarantines.” However, it did  issue a public health emergency on Sunday, April 26.

If any country needs to secure its borders, it is the U.S. since literally tens of millions of illegals have crossed our border, many in the past eight years. Open borders was a policy supported by corporate America and the George Bush administration in order  to bring in a cheap labor force from Mexico to replace American workers and lower wages, plus implement a European Union type of regional governance for this “trading area” of North America, with open borders for the “free flow” of people and commerce throughout the continent. See U.S. State Department article.

Americans have been placed in danger from this free flow of people across our border. There was a time when immigrants who entered our nation were checked to see if they were healthy and otherwise fit to live in and contribute to America. But no longer.

The borders, in particular our southern border, are open to the sick, the drug smugglers Mexicans have made our home their home. Gringos must go back to Europe. and other criminals and terrorists. In many American cities, city “leaders” have declared their domain a sanctuary for illegals, including in some cases, felons. In doing so, they refuse to obey the law.

During this period of violating Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution, George Bush and currently Barack Obama, have allowed our neighbors to the south to bring us a lot of grief, including diseases and now, a possible flu pandemic:

“…illegal immigrants crossing our borders without being screened have brought us 7,000 new cases of leprosy in the past three years. Additionally, they brought us 16,000 cases of incurable (multiple drug resistant) tuberculosis, thousands of cases of hepatitis, head lice, Chagas Disease and Exotic New Castle. Since 1.1 million illegal alien children attend U.S schools, our children are at risk.” See ‘Our Country Coming Undone’. This article was published in 2004.  

If an extreme emergency develops for the continent, whether it be a terror attack or a flu pandemic, “North America” would respond with a multinational team, including agencies and military forces from Canada, Mexico and the United States that have trained together as a team. This trinational partnership would implement a “North American Plan for Avian and Pandemic Influenza”, which was announced on August 21, 2007 in Montebello, Canada at another Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America meeting that was off limits to the public. 

No matter the situation, their main focus is on the economy of North America. This was made clear in a Fact Sheet from the U.S. Department of State:

“Central to the plan is a North American approach that undertakes measures to maintain the flow of people, services, and cargo across the borders during a severe pandemic while striving to protect our citizens.”

North America is an integrated trading area, presently working for deeper integration. To see how this North American response team is constructed and operates, go to thesigintreport, new blog, archives, Nov. 1, 2008 and see ‘U.S. Army 1st Brigade Combat Team: Part of a Multinational Response Force for North America”. There are links here that will enlighten you.

Whatever happens in this current medical emergency, it appears that our policy of open borders will remain in place. 

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