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“We face an invasion by Mexico so crippling, so debilitating, so preposterous in its scope-that any public servant with an ounce of brain power would step up…and stop it” But there are none. 

“We face disaster from our southern border. In the last century, Mexico expanded from Illegal Immigrants walk freely through America's streets and a number of cities grant them sanctuary, even those who commit crimes.50 million poverty stricken peasants to 104 million today. In this century, because the Catholic Church encourages unlimited births, Mexico will explode to 300 million…If you think they will ever solve their problems, think again.” [Frosty Wooldridge] 

California is insolvent and the situation will not get better. And as goes California, so goes America. But those in authority won’t mention the reason for their plight. So there will be no solution.

According to the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), “the presence of illegal aliens in California is costing the state’s taxpayers more than $10.5 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration (2005).” That number is certainly higher today and the state would be much better off if the immigration laws had been enforced.

Madelein Pelner Cosman wrote in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons that “84 hospitals in California have been forced to close because of the high cost of treating illegal aliens with only 50 percent of all treatments reimbursed by government.”

In ‘Americans Abandoning California’, residents of California explain why they are leaving the Golden State in droves. Their reasons include the invasion of illegal aliens and high taxes. A sample from the article:

“I am one of those native Californians fleeing the state. My reasons are two fold but are interelated. California has become so overcrowded that driving anywhere whether it is 60 miles away or 6 miles away, has become a nightmare. The freeways have no right to bear that name. Because of overcrowding and housing demand, housing costs have skyrocketed. The only people who can afford to live here are the illegal immigrants who are living 30 people to a single family home…which brings me to my second point. A big part of California’s overcrowding problem is due to illegal immigration and this state’s kowtowing to those same illegals.

“Southern California has become Mexico and unfortunately for us, it hasn’t been the nice parts of Mexico. Gang violence, graffiti, and litter is so commonplace in Southern California that people barely notice it anymore. It’s sad and disgusting. Our elected representation chose to turn a blind eye and so those of us who are keeping the government in money are leaving. Let them collect their taxes from the illegal aliens. I predict California will be bankrupt within ten years. Posted by Kat, June 07, 2007 (In ten years it will get real ugly in the land of fruit and nuts.)

This influx of illegals is being repeated across America and the Census Bureau has Mexican dominance in America is popular among the invaders from south of the border.predicted that 100 million more people, legal and illegal, will be here in the next three decades. Most of those will be from the third world and south of our border. Part of the increase will be from a high rate of down loading babies, a fact proclaimed by Mexican Reconquista, Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez. This is the reason Mexicans say they will replace the gringo in America and reconquer lands that were “stolen” from them. Hear Gutierrez’s promise to America. Click audio #3.

This next 100 million people will, indeed, bring about the death of our nation, both geographically and politically. Much of the damage will be in the west. The carrying capacity of the region is at or beyond capacity. An explosion in population will create critical shortages of resources, resulting in disorder.

“Today, states like Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California don’t possess enough water for their residents. Aquifers degrade as fast as diesel engines pump them dry. No matter how many reservoirs they build, it won’t rain or snow more because they add millions of people.”

More people mean more houses, cars, stores, schools. Land that was used for farming will disappear. “States like Colorado lost 1.65 million acres of prime farm land to development in the past 10 years. Why? They added 1.3 million more people. They will add four million more by 2050. Latest reports show Colorado will lose 3.1 million more acres by 2022.”

Without arable land, food will be in short supply and prices will be beyond what most people can pay. Since the resource shortages will be caused by a global explosion of 3 billion more people on the planet by 2050, we can expect no help from the outside.

An added 100 million people means significant shortages of oil. Gasoline will be several times higher than the $4.00 a gallon we were paying a short time ago. The “free trade” pipeline of goods from around the world will not function. Since our corporate CEOs shipped much of our manufacturing overseas and we no longer make the products we need, our problems are compounded.

Oil is used in the manufacture of over 4,000 products, including medicines. There is no replacement. Without it, commerce will take another big hit.

The world has finite resources. When you add 3 billion people to a global population that is already beyond its carrying capacity, these resources will rapidly disappear. The three nations leading the world in population growth are China, India and the United States.

In America the future will include:

Massive unemployment, affordable housing shortage, a large population of foreigners on welfare, who don’t speak English and have no love for America or its citizens, critical shortages of food, water, oil and everything else we need to live. 

North America, that is the three nations of the North American Community, have developed an integrated response force for the continent which is made up of agencies and military units from Canada, Mexico and the United States. George Bush, just months before the end of his second term (2008), permanently assigned an army brigade to USNORTHCOM for U.S. duty.

Its duties (from the Army Times): 

“They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in reponse to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack…Training for homeland scenarios has already begun at Fort Steward…” Oct. 1, 2008.

The event that will set this dystopian nightmare off and running, meaning there is no turning back, is the passage of a comprehensive immigration (amnesty) bill.  


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