May 182009

One of the definitions of a “failed state” is one “that can no longer perform its basic security …functions and that has no effective control over its territory and borders.” This definition describes America and is the reason it will become a failed state.

In fact, the United States is at the head of the class in that category. Under Democrat These are the people who will rule at least part of a violent and Balkanized America.and Republican administrations the border remained open to the flow of illegals from south of our border. This includes tens of millions from Mexico, others from Central America, even some from the Mideast. In addition to drug smugglers, our borders are open to drug cartel members, terrorists and anyone else who wants a piece of America.

It isn’t that we can’t secure our borders. It’s that our leaders chose to leave them open and have adopted a “vision of the future that is bigger than and beyond the immediate problems of the present”, an integrated trading area of North America, where everyone is a citizen of a North American Community. Our new common borders will remain open to the “free flow” of people and commerce.

And our current leaders have stepped forward to continue violating Article IV, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

President Obama and Janet Napolitano have also made it clear that our border with Mexican Trucks will soon be back hauling goods across America, a precursor to super transportation corridors being constructed for the free flow of people and commerce across North America. Mexico will remain open, even during attacks on our nation or a flu pandemic. The borders must remain open for commerce so corporations won’t be hit with financial losses. Another reason given is that many items, including certain medical devices, are made only in Mexico. No mention was made of the fact that we used to manufacture most of what we needed until transnational corporations (Wal-Mart) moved our factories to Mexico and other countries to take advantage of cheap labor.

More Americans have been killed by illegal aliens than all of our soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and the toll continues to rise daily because our government, under both Republicans and Democrats, refuse to carry out their oaths of office. To them, it’s merely the collateral damage that occurs  as corporations instruct our leaders on how to develop this continental trading region.

The Mexican drug cartels have organizations in 230 American cities and the murders from south of the border have crossed over. People are being tortured and murdered in Atlanta and Birmingham. Homeland Security doesn’t have a handle on this or the border but they have time to warn police to look out for potential terrorists in returning American soldiers and people who are opposed to the North American Union and illegal immigration.

As much as 60 percent of Latino gangs consist of illegals. They have been given the green light in L.A. to kill Blacks wherever they see them. The term is ethnic cleansing. These are American citizens who are being killed and our government cannot defend them from attacks by armed foreign invaders. On the contrary, many American cities have given illegals sanctuary, even to the criminals.

Illegals, particularly Latinos, wreak havoc on America in a number of ways. Mexicans have a high incidence of drunk driving in the U.S., mostly without a license or insurance. They get caught multiple times and still they go back on the street until they kill someone. The list of crimes against American citizens by illegals include, murder, torture,  rape, robbery, child molestation. See the crime victims of illegal aliens video.

Napolitano, Secretary of No Homeland Security, has a new policy of deporting illegal alien criminals who have finished their sentences. But only if the criminal “acknowledged being foreign-born or not a U.S. citizen-a loophole that relied on detainee honesty”. The fingerprints would be sent to the FBI and ICE. Ice would notify the prison within an hour and the criminals would not be released. If the criminal lies about his status, the process would take days and some “detainees” could be released in the U.S.

One more point. If our government uses passive surveillance at our busy ports of entry from Mexico, as they did with the Swine flu breakout, and there is no surveillance along the rest of the long border, who will stop these criminals from crossing back into America hours later? The evidence shows that these criminals do come back across the border a number of times without being stopped. And they commit more crimes.

Since the recent financial collapse, unemployment has soared and our government is about to legalize up to 20 million illegals, as a starting point. This will open the door to many more uneducated, non-English speaking foreigners who have no intention of assimilating into the American culture and the U.S. Government has no intention of making them.

Plus, the Mexicans have a longstanding grudge  from the Mexican/American War of Chnl 13: Mexican thugs attack American senior citizens celebrating the Fourth of July in Los Angeles.1848, which they lost. There were plenty of signs stating that fact in the illegal immigrant marches of 2006. As a result, many Mexicans support the Reconquista, a demographic reconquering of the American Southwest and beyond, where Mexicans will rule and Spanish is the language spoken.

Racial hatred plays a part. That would be Mexican hatred of the Gringo, the white man. The documentation is abundant. Perhaps the reason our leaders don’t see the problem is they don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis and their jobs aren’t being taken away from them and given to foreigners.

These leaders have no loyalty to our sovereign nation or “democracy” A world under global governance is good for them since they are the ones who will benefit.

But to them, we the people, who never should have had a say in how we’re governed, will be the cheap labor and consumers of cheap, contaminated goods, just scraping to get by. The middle class will be history.

Over the next three decades more than a 100 million  people will be added to the United States through mostly third world immigrants and their high birth rate.

Shortly before the financial crash, world oil supplies were barely enough to meet the growing demand. At that time China and India were increasing their demand for oil to meet their expanding economies amid declining supply worldwide.

If the world economy recovers, shortages will occur, bringing about another crisis and this one has no solution. With 100 million more people crowding into our nation, demanding more of everything, how will we provide, say 33 percent more oil, to run our economy?

How can we provide more water when in many parts of our nation there is not enough now and tight rationing is in effect?

How can we provide welfare, healthcare and incarceration (There will be plenty of inmates.) for 100 million more people when there is no money in the state or federal government?

How will Social Security and Medicare survive? The latest timeline for insolvency:

“Social Security will start paying out more in benefits than it collects in taxes in 2016, a year sooner than projected last year, and the giant trust fund will be depleted by 2037.”

Medicare: “The program for hospital expenses will pay out more in benefits than it collects this year, just as it did for the first time in 2008. The trustees project that the Medicare fund will be depleted by 2017, two years earlier than the date projected in last year’s report.”

Those 100 million new residents will place huge demands on both systems while paying  much less in taxes, if at all. The systems will fail.

How will America survive (not prosper) when massive unemployment causes a widespread homeless population, including families? It’s illogical to think that our corporate/government partnership would continue shipping our jobs overseas and invite in an unlimited number of foreigners to take jobs here at low wages when these jobs don’t exist. But they are.

That’s called globalization and it’s not about our nation or logic. It’s about greed and transnational corporations continually  “growing their business” even though, in a finite world with limited resources, that’s impossible. We are experiencing that lesson at this moment. Concern about American workers is not part of the game plan, in case you haven’t noticed.

How will our nation survive when violence becomes the norm as disparate groups divide up into armed regions? And the North American response force (USNORTHCOM) will have little effect on the “civil unrest” taking place throughout the continent. In the future, Americans will need their guns to protect themselves from those who would try to impose harsh controls on their citizens. That’s why the Second Amendment is “under fire” by the government and the pressure will not cease. After all, governance is much easier with an unarmed population. People fall into line quickly.

In 2005, James Howard Kunstler correctly predicted the Wall Street financial collapse because of the millions of bogus paper instruments spun out of thin air in the mortgage disaster.

Kunstler, author of ‘The Long Emergency’, also gave a time frame for the start of a significant destabilizing of American society:

“In the next three years (2008) we are going to be feeling the pain. Our lives are going to be noticeably beginning to be disrupted. In the next 10 years you will see the beginning of a major collapse of suburbia,”

A drastic change in our immigration policy is essential to save our nation, which is about to enter a crisis stage. If nothing is done, the borders remain open, and a comprehensive immigration bill passes, it won’t matter. In the future we will no longer pledge allegiance to the United States of America because it will not exist.

America a failed state? Won’t happen? Everything is in place to make it so. I just offered a short list.

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