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The Democrats are concerned about their chances of getting an amnesty bill passed this year. And Latinos are stepping up the pressure to make sure it does. 

Senator Chuck Schumer, anxious about making good on President Obama’s promise to Chuck Schumer is one reason our nation is in peril.pass an amnesty bill in return for Latino support during the election, declared that:

“We can pass strong, fair, practical and effective immigration reform this year.” The reason being that the borders are now safe enough to take a step forward. [CBS News, May 20, 2009]

According to wsj.com, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, at a recent briefing for reporters “did say strong enforcement needs to continue, arguing that the government can’t afford to lose ‘operational control’ of its border with Mexico as it did in the 1990s.” Both Schumer and Napolitano must have been under the influence of some bad prescription drugs when they offered those comments up for public consumption. 

The fact is we have not had operational control over our border with Mexico for a good part of the last two decades. And the last decade has been a nightmare. It continues with the Obama administration.

The Democrats are getting uneasy as some Latino groups apply pressure to the Obama administration to get an amnesty bill passed. According to Angelo Falcon. president of the National Institute for Latino Policy, a coalition of Latino pastors “are trying to find ways to leverage their position and put pressure on the administration” to get the amnesty bill passed. One of their methods is to get illegals to boycott the upcoming census in 2010.

Just so Chuck and Janet can get a clear picture of how our borders continue to remain open to anyone, I suggest they check out the borderinvasionpics.com site. This is a project by American citizens who make videos, including night vision, to document the flow of illegals on common trails crossing the border into the United States daily. Their collection is current through May of 2009.

I don’t think that Secretary Napolitano has had a chance to see the videos since the U.S. Department of Homeland Security blocked DHS computers from accessing Border Invasion Pics on January 22, 2009. See here.

These videos prove that members of drug cartels, drug smugglers, terrorists and criminals in general can cross from Mexico into America anywhere along the border, including ports of entry. The undermanned border patrol does not check every vehicle. And there is a problem with some patrol officers taking bribes to look the other way. Plus Border patrol agents probably have on their minds what happened to Ramos and Campeon. 

There is also a drug war going on between the Mexican Army and the drug cartels along the border. Some of the drug killings have made it into the United States. Once here, cartels use hired guns, both illegals and Mexican/Americans from border cities, to carry out assassinations. Other drug violence has reached Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a major Mexican drug distribution center for America, one of 230 American cities with Mexican drug cartel organizations in place. These thugs and their drugs cross our southern border whenever they want.

But President Obama is forging ahead with plans for an amnesty bill. He will meet with “congressional leaders at the White House next month (June 8th) to launch a policy discussion on immigration…but legislative action isn’t likely until next year at the earliest.”

“Unlike some other sessions on key issues, this one will be behind closed doors.” [wsj.com]

“Obama has embraced the general concept of creating a program to provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the U.S., while continuing to tighten the border with Mexico. (Then why did he leave the border wide open during the Swine Flu problem? Oh yes. To keep commerce flowing.)

There is still the question of what will happen if the amnesty bill passes. With our economy in deep trouble and American citizens still losing jobs, an amnesty bill will allow illegals to take any jobs and be eligible for Social Security. Dependents and family members in Mexico can be sponsored by up to 20 million new “legals”. They will join their relatives in the Promised Land, the new Mexico.  

And those Mexicans still living in their nation of birth won’t spend much time in deciding The never ending line of invading Mexicans are coming to bury America.to join the party in Mexico North. Social Security payments and other benefits that pay more in retirement than they could ever make working back home are a huge incentive to cross the border, of which the United States still doesn’t have operational control. 

After all, forged documents are easy to obtain. And there is no way the U.S. Government can check them out. No money or personel exist or have been provided for this monumental undertaking.  This can not have a happy ending. To see what the future holds for America if amnesty and open borders go forward, see ‘Immigration Unleashed: Will America become a Failed State?’ this blog, May 17, 2009.

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