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“You’ll see intense pressure for people to move and be on the move, from the Caribbean, from Latin America, from Mexico in particular, into the United States. And that’ll put huge stress on the systems of the United States to try to cope with that.” John Podesta, Center for American Progress. 

Of course, the above “migration” has been ongoing for the last decade But now this influx of uninvited visitors is about to be ramped up. Studies have shown that these mass movements occur because of climate change, resource depletion, food shortages and job losses. So if the world economy rebounds, the price of oil, food and everything else will go way up, driven by demands from huge population increases over the next three decades. Shortages will develop, jobs lost, and those nations on the losing end will find many of their citizens headed for the developed nations. That means us.

Whether that immigration bill passes or not, Mexicans and others will continue to cross into the United States as an exploding world population, declining resources and climate changes cause population shifts, with the Southwest United States becoming ground zero for our nation. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that 100 million more people, consisting mostly of third worlders, many from south of the border with high birth rates, will be added to our nation by 2039. The PEW report says 100 million by 2035. The U.S. is ranked third in population growth, behind China and India.

In America, those who support unlimited immigration did not consider, or simply China and other nations are lining up oil sources for the coming shortages. Wars will be fought for this diminishing resource.ignored the tremendous pressure that this number of people will place on our resources over the next three decades. Resources, in particular oil and water, will become scarce and expensive, setting up a nightmare scenario.

Countries all over the world will experience much higher oil prices and diminishing supplies if the global economy rebounds. And 100 million added people will guarantee that the U.S. won’t be able to have a cheap, reliable source of energy. That will be a blow to any chance of a continued economic recovery, if there is one at all. Unemployment will set new records since jobs won’t be there, certainly no good paying jobs. Corporations will still send jobs and factories overseas. And many of our new inhabitants will be on welfare.

A large number of new residents will settle in the Spanish-speaking Southwestern United States, which is undergoing a climate change to a more arid, desert environment. This region, in the very near future, will be unable to sustain a basic existence for its growing population.

“We have a global food system that’s basically unsustainable. It’s based on the use of petrochemical inputs for fertilizers. Pesticides, herbicides, and also for petrochemicals for transporting food in ever larger quantities ever further distances. We’ve built enormous cities in places where there’s in many cases no good agricultural land close by. The only way cities can subsist is by continual importation of enormous amounts of food from long distances away.” (No oil, no food.) Richard Heinberg, Peak Everything, interviewed by Michael Bicks, ABC News.

“Las Vegas exists because of the Colorado River…once Hoover Dam was built, lake Meade fills up and Las vegas fills up. The problem is that the Colorado River for the last twenty-five years or so has been over-subscribed. It’s now used as the principal water source for numerous cities over a million. Vegas, much of Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana, Mexicali, half of Denver’s water comes out of the Colorado River, Phoenix…we’re talking about a lot of urban demand for the water. There’s a lot of agricultural demand for the water…like cotton crops that are grown in the Southwest, in southeastern Arizona…”

‘There’s a good chance that Vegas may end up being one of the most expendable places…I would not be shocked to see Las Vegas abandoned sometime over the next quarter century or so. (Alan Weisman, Author, The World Without Us, ABC News).

“To feed ourselves, the world will need to double food production in the next 40 years to meet projected demand…Our ability to meet current and future production needs is seriously challenged by increasing water scarcity, climate change and volatile energy costs and supplies. Unless we change how we do it, we will not be able to supply our future food needs.” (The Global Agenda 2009, On the Environment and Sustainability, World Economic Forum, p. 18.

These resources will become scarce and water could disappear altogether in parts of our Southwest. All the evidence points to a growing tension between the new arrivals in America, who have clearly shown that assimilation is not on their agenda, and Americans, who see their country being destroyed with the approval of our government and its corporate partners.

The Census Bureau made that prediction of 100 million more people in the U.S.  by 2039 without considering the arrival of another major disaster that would increase the flow of people to our shores. This time mere survival is at stake for large numbers of people.

Dan Gilbert, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, offers this:

“It seems unlikely to me that we here on the island we call North America (that island is called America), can sit happily with all of our resources while the rest of the world simply goes quietly into that good night so that we can continue to consume at our present rate.

“Very few people lay down and die. When they recognize that their lives are threatened, they do whatever it takes.”

That means desperate foreigners will crash our border, from Latin America, the International peacekeepers in Haiti controlling one of a number of food riots around the world in 2008.Caribbean and Mexico and do whatever is necessary to survive, including violence. That is a lot like the current state of affairs, minus the level of desperation that will occur in a worst case scenario.  In 2008 there were food riots around the world, leaving a hint of what is coming down the road. I assume that American citizens will also do what is necessary to protect their lives and property.

Our government, which is responsible for our open borders and the failure to prevent the invasion of our nation, understands that this scenario is a good possibility. That is why some Democrats in Congress are trying to get legislation passed which will negate the Second Amendment. Armed American citizens defending their homes and their country is not on the Obama agenda. The government has already instituted a plan to take care of problems that occur in North America.    

In the Council on Foreign Relations plan for Building a North American Community, pages 10,11, and 12 call for the integration of law enforcement and the militaries of Canada, Mexico and the United States as part of a North American Response Force for the continent. One mission is to respond to civil unrest.

“Training and exercises should be developed to increase the cooperation and interoperability among and between the law enforcement agencies and militaries (of Canada, Mexico and the U.S.). These steps will provide better capabilities for detection of threats, preventative action, crisis response and consequence management. At least one major trilateral exercise conducted by law enforcement authorities and one by the militaries should be established as a goal over the next year. (2005)

“Of course, the extent of cooperation will be affected by the progress of reform of the police forces, customs, and judicial branch in Mexico.” CFR plan, pp. 10,11,12.

This trilateral response force for North America is under the U.S. Northern Command National guard units from Alaska and Nebraska participate in Alaska Shield/Northern Edge 07, sponsored by U.S. Northern Command.(USNORTHCOM) and consists of a multi-agency, trinational military force that will respond to incidents. Included is a U.S. combat force, ordered to permanent duty on the U.S. mainland by George Bush just before leaving office. These troops, eventually up to 20,000 soldiers, are currently in the United States training for civil unrest duty.  Click on the link above and read the NORTHCOM links there. They verify that the three nations will train together and operate together on missions throughout the continent and the Gulf of Mexico.

This is real and those in power are going to “take advantage” of the current crisis to consolidate the world under a system of global and regional governance. See Hillary Clinton’s plans for Global Governance.

To the ruling elite in our nation, Democrat or Republican, the sovereign nation state is no longer viable. This corporate/government partnership has given us globalization, outsourcing of jobs to cheap labor, is going to bring in millions of hi-tech (cheap) workers from India and China, sent factories overseas, committed numerous crimes (bogus mortgages), and caused the collapse of the world economy.

And yet, they plan to legalize up to 20 million illegal aliens, which will lead to many more family members in Mexico being sponsored. So now, when our nation is treading water, they want to throw us an anchor. Is this how it ends?

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