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President Obama and Congress will soon try to pass legislation that will legalize 12-20 million illegal Mexicans, delivering a devastating blow to our nation if it suceeds. The first casualty will be American citizens-once again. When I say that it will have unintended consequences, I assume that the president and members of Congress are either too stupid, or maybe too blinded by their concern with new voters, to even consider the certain economic, political and social upheaval that awaits us. *

During a press conference at the summit meeting of North American leaders in Guadalajara, Mexico in August of 2009, Obama answered a question about immigration reform:

Obama: “Now, am I going to be able to snap my fingers and get this done? No. This is going to be difficult; it’s going to take bipartisan cooperation. There are going to be demogogues out there who try to reject that any form of pathway for legalization for those already in the United States is unacceptable…

“But ultimately, I think the American people want fairness…and we can create a system If Obama intended to secure our border with Mexico, he would have troops on the border now. An integrated trading region of North America with open borders is still being which we have strong border security, we have an orderly process for people to come in, but we’re also giving an opportunity for those already here in the United States to be able to achieve a pathway to citizenship so that they don’t have to live in the shadows, and their children and their grandchildren can have a full participation in the United States. So I’m confident we can get it done.”

My question is why haven’t you secured the border already? Isn’t that your duty as commander-in-chief as well as in the oath of office you swore to on a bible? It’s spelled out in the Constitution, Article IV, section 4.

With amnesty, these Mexicans will be given legal status without background checks. The government doesn’t keep track of immigrants now so many millions more can, and will cross the border, all loaded down with fake IDs and documentation, ready to hop on Uncle Sam’s gravy train while they destroy our nation from within.

A recent Zogby Survey of Mexicans revealed:

  • Of Mexicans with a member of their immediate household in the United States, 65 percent said a legalization program would make people they know more likely to go to America illegally.
  • Interest in going to the United States remains strong even in the current recession, with a 36 percent of Mexicans (39 million people) saying they would move to the United States if they could.

With an amnesty bill and a continuing breakdown in Mexico, the impetus for a run on the border is a possibility:

“Just outside the US, in Nuevo Laredo, the bus station bustles with activity. This is a hub for Mexicans coming North-including many who plan to cross illegally. Some get off buses here and figure out ways to cross the Rio Grande into Laredo. Others catch smaller buses to remote towns along the border to try the same thing.

“About 10 men, women, and children-toting bundles and bags and Winnie the Pooh backpacks-huddle…They look about uneasily as they place the call…

‘The group is trying to get to the United States. They won’t speak about how they will get there or whether they’ve come for amnesty. But for sure, they know about it. Even without radios or newspapers, it’s all anyone’s talking about: The president of ‘Los Estados Unidos’ wants to grant amnesty to many illegal Mexican immigrants…”

“Take Rubin Lopez, who’s sitting on a bench in front of the station, a blue baseball cap pulled low over his eyes. He’s just been deported from the US.

“I wasn’t aware of the possibility of amnesty when the police arrested me…’recalling a raid on the landscaping company in Waco, Texas, where he’d been working for three years.'”

“Now he’s waiting. If the guest-worker plan goes through, he says, ‘I might try to get back to the United States.'”

This report from Laredo occurred in July of 2001 as George Bush was trying to get amnesty legislation for Mexican workers but was unsuccessful. This gives you an idea of what can happen with this current legislation, since the economic situation in both countries is much worse. Read the complete article.

The U.S. Census Bureau says that the United States will have 100 million more people by The Mexican invaders have made their goal clear and American citizens must step aside.2039 (or sooner). Most will be from south of the border. And most of those will be from Mexico, plus their large number of children born here at the taxpayers expense. This group of new residents; indigent, uneducated and with no love for Americans, will be an anchor on our nation.

The government of Mexico has played a big part in the widely publicized reconquest of America, not by a shooting war, but through demographic dominance. It is similar to a cancer, slowly draining the life of our nation. The massive Mexican presence here will make any chance of recovery about as likely as winning the lottery twice in one week.

Currently the U.S. still has, by some estimates, 20 to 30 million unemployed or under employed workers. Experts agree that the jobless rate will remain high for a number of years. So these incoming foreigners will be on welfare and those who find jobs will be doing so at the expense of Americans.

With many more workers to choose from, corporations can drive wages down, which has been the plan all along. Corporations, such as Microsoft (Bill Gates), want Congress to continue bringing in millions of engineers and techs from India through unlimited H-1B visas. Meanwhile, American workers are being fired as foreign workers take their place. Yes, there is a plan to lower American wages in order to compete with Asia and other low wage countries. Read ‘Americans are overpaid’ in this corporate site. It says that American workers should take a large pay cut to get into global balance.

Obama’s amnesty legislation will make all of these immigrants from south of the border eligible for the proposed new universal healthcare program being considered by Congress. Most of them will receive healthcare coverage paid for by taxpayers.

They will also be eligible for Social Security. Meanwhile, the Medicare Part A fund will go broke by 2017. By then, over 20 million more people will have been added to our population. Do you think that might have a negative impact on the program? How about 100 million?

The world’s population is exploding and, thanks to the Mexican invasion, with aid and comfort provided by our rulers, we are the third fastest growing nation behind India and China. More people means more demand for finite resources, which are diminishing rapidly.

One resource affected by population growth is oil. The $4.00 plus per gallon of gasoline is reasonable compared to what’s coming over the next 2 to 5 years.     

As a result of the economic collapse, oil producing nations cut back on production, companies quit drilling and investing in infrastructure. “Not a single oil refinery has been built in the U.S. since 1976.” Declining oil output from older wells has forced petroleum exporting nations to pump more expensive hard-to-handle heavy crude oil.

“The U.S. isn’t ready for heavy crude. Only 30% of U.S. refineries can process it. And the U.S. isn’t doing anything to get ready. It won’t invest in anything that doesn’t look like a sick bank. Refinery capacity is already a bottleneck, and the bottle’s neck is narrowing.”

We are now turning to nations such as India, which has invested in the new technology refineries that can process our oil. In the approaching shortfall, we will be at the mercy of others for some of our finished products.

“The world’s population will continue to grow, and developing countries will continue to grow more prosperous (The U.S. and Britain will lag behind the rest of the world). Both trends will add to the demand for fossil fuels.”

“It isn’t just China and India that are adding to demand for oil. Others, notably Russia and Brazil, are doing the same…This trend will accelerate as the citizens of these countries grow wealthier and buy cars, TVs, and refrigerators.”

As the world economy rebounds over the next 5 years we will add another 18 million people to our nation. They will increase our demand for oil and the over 4,000 products that use petroleum in their manufacture, including medicines. There will be shortages and the cost will go up. Predictions include prices up to $200 per barrel of oil and $7.00 per gallon of gasoline (Add a couple of dollars more for California).  

Now add over 80 million more people by 2039 to our nation and the situation will be beyond repair. 

This is only a small snapshot of our future. There will also be shortages of food and water as demand for commodities exceeds supply worldwide. Haven’t you heard? We’re all interdependent. 

Except now, a number of nations, led by China,  are in the process of leasing  farmland in the third world and securing oil supplies and other commodities for the impending shortages. Their plans are to look out for their own citizens when crunch time arrives. Meanwhile, we are inviting the third world to join us as America unravels.  

All of these problems from a simple amnesty bill.

*Correction- 11/17/09


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