Barack Obama: Striving to achieve “his vision for America’s place in the New World Order”

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Apr 132010

President Obama is currently following the plan that will bring about the integration of the Americas, 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere – which would be a large part of Obama is determined to bring about his part of the new world order.the New World Order. Others agree with the plan:

The president-elect (Obama) “…can give impetus to American foreign policy because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity…” Henry Kissinger, interviewed on CNBC, Jan. 5, 2009.

A SKY NEWS announcer said that candidate Barack Obama, speaking before a crowd in Berlin, July 28, 2008, “Lays out his vision for America’s place in the New World Order” and was “speaking as a proud citizen of the United States and a fellow citizen of the world.”

The words used in his speech are some of the same key words used by those who built the European Union, those who initiated and pushed the Free Trade Area of the Americas (George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush), the North American Community, a union (George W. Bush) and now the Partnership for Prosperity in the Americas (PPA), initiated by George W. Bush and picked up by Obama, who is intent on finishing the deal.

From Obama’s speech:

“…Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe. No doubt there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together.

“A change in leadership in Washington will not lift this burden. In this new century Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more, not less.

“Partnerships and cooperation among nations is not a choice. It is the only way. The one way to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.”

Partnerships and cooperation mean regional and global governance is achieved by establishing institutions and organizations with unelected members for a region or the world (NAFTA, UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO). They make decisions that nations must carry out. That is, once a nation agrees to accept its loss of sovereignty.

An example is unelected NAFTA trade tribunals that decide trade disputes, which covers a lot of territory and governments at all levels in each member nation. They have already handled cases and reviewed decisions by U.S. Courts.

If a case goes through the U.S. Court system all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, a plaintiff, unsatisfied by the decision, can ask a tribunal to hear the suit. The decision by the tribunal can differ but since it exercises sovereignty over our judicial system, the tribunal’s decision is final. It has yet to be challenged because our rulers, those who allowed these tribunals to be put in place, want it that way. Plans are to make them permanent, along with other institutions. Read: NAFTA Tribunal Stir US Worries.

Obama, in another speech:

“That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us one from another.  (Mexico, for instance.)

“The walls between allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes, natives and immigrants, Christians and Muslims and Jews cannot stand,” (Again, that would be Mexico and now, with the integration of the Americas, the rest of Latin America. A region and a world without borders.)

Candidate Obama gave us a clear warning about the future of America at Powder Springs, Georgia on July 9, 2008:

“You need to make sure that your children can speak Spanish.”

The need to learn Spanish is not because it’s nice to know a foreign language. It’s because predictions are for Spanish to be on a par with English sometime this century. However, in many areas of our nation today, Spanish is the primary language. Americans cannot get a job because they cannot speak, read or write Spanish. This goes for some government jobs.

Try to get a job in Miami or in many towns out west, especially in Mexifornia. The Mexicans, with support and encouragement from our elected officials, are quickly taking away our nation  as we watch.

As I’ve said before, President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton have embraced George Bush’s Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas  initiative but with a more socialist tilt.

After the presidential election, ministers of the 12 member nations of the PPA met and drew up a plan for integrating the Americas (Dec. 10, 2008), with an economic community. The European Union was the European Community before it took the next step to a union and a constitution. Every member nation of the EU is in the process of reviewing their constitutions and making changes so as to be in compliance with the new EU document.

The United States, of course, will have to change its constitution to be in harmony with the Americas and the world standard. There is no second amendment in the New World Order and no first amendment allowing free speech. The EU has exceptions to free expression. And if you violate the exceptions, you could spend 3 years in prison just for criticizing Islam, for example. See this site.

The plan for the PPA is clearly a road map for the integration of the Americas, leading to a European Union style of governance. The following excerpts are from the “Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas: Guidelines and Actions to Increase Economic Opportunity and Social Justice through Trade and Investment. This document was removed the last time I published it so you may want to print this guide to the integration of the Americas:

“We, the ministers of Foreign Relations and Ministers for Trade, or their representatives of Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic.”

“Recalling that on September 24, 2008, the Heads (of these nations)…launched the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas initiative to ‘deepen our PARTNERSHIP and COOPERATION to ensure that the benefits of free trade and open investment are more broadly shared throughout our societies.'” (Cheap labor from the Americas.)

“Reaffirming that this initiative is complementary with other regional efforts to promote economic integration within and throughout the Hemisphere, including through the Summit of the Americas process, the Latin America Pacific Arc Forum, the Central American Economic integration process, and the Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership.”

“We resolve to adopt the following guidelines and actions…

1. b. “Continuing to promote and facilitate investment in infrastructure, communications, energy, transport, tourism and agro-industry to boost Hemispheric trade even further.”

e. Increasing access to education and training opportunities for workforce development that responds to the needs of the labor market, including through PUBLIC=PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS. ( A huge labor force for the Americas, especially the United States.)

2. Promote and deepen an open architecture for regional trade consistent with the multilateral trading system through:

a. Identifying ways to deepen hemispheric integration that complement efforts currently in place in this regard, including the following priority areas:

  • Reducing or eliminating barriers, including administrative ones, that hinder investment and the trade of goods and services in the hemisphere.
  • Promoting cooperation on the issue of trade facilitation in the Hemisphere, taking into account those areas linked to the compatibility and improvement of customs administration and the elimination of unjustified barriers to trade.
  • Increasing the region’s competitiveness and deepening the economic connectivity between  our national and regional markets, including through the identification of cross-border barriers that create bottle-necks. (Read the complete document.)

These guidelines to integrating the Americas talk about “enhancing bilateral, regional The governments of North America, Latin America and South America will abolish barriers to the free flow of goods, services and people.and multilateral cooperation in several areas. The Americas would be a trading region, like the North American Community, which is still being constructed by the Obama administration and his partners in Canada and Mexico. The current amnesty bill in Congress has wording that would mandate the completion of a “common security perimeter” around North America and open up our mutual borders to the flow of people and commerce throughout the continent. Go to the CFR plan for Building a North American Community and read pp. 8, 27, 28. This is also discussed in a U.S. Department of State article.

The goal of “eliminating barriers” to the flow of “goods and services” (and labor) among the 34 nations of the hemisphere is identical to the goal of a North American Community.

Professor Philip Bom, predicting the future of the world in 1992:

“The European community will be transformed into an all-European union. So, too, the Americas will be transformed into an integrated region of the new global order…

“What is new is the drive and determination to develop common markets for political economic integration. Correspondingly, there is the determination to institutionalize interdependence: a new global order through regional, bilateral and multilateral regulations…and through joint parliamentary bodies.” See The Merging of the Americas in a New Global Order.

These “joint” parliamentary bodies have been ongoing for some time, with members of the U.S. Congress meeting with members of the European Union Parliament on economic integration (signed agreement on April 30, 2007), and with Canadian and Mexican legislators on North American integration (North American Community), which is under construction.

I mentioned that both parties are deeply involved in the North American Community and the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas (PPA). If you doubt this, go to this article on the PPA, written by a well-known Democrat and a Republican. Read the whole article (one page). The following paragraph should clear up any questions: (NEW LINK on PPA.)

“Some will criticize Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas since they believe it is too Miami is the favorite site for the secretariat of the Americas. The majority of Miamians speak Spanish as their primary language.modest in its objectives because it might be abandoning the broader version of a 34 country FTAA. In our judgment Western Hemisphere integration must start somewhere, and this is a good start. Remember, the European Union started small. We hope that Brazil, Uruguay, the Caribbean countries and other countries in the Americas will soon join Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas.”

The writers support Miami as the secretariat of the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas.

Also see: “Universal Civil Registry: Integrating the Americas.” The current operation is scheduled to be in place by 2015 and is designed to register every person in the Americas (Western Hemisphere) and every baby born on a continuing basis and have the changing info on a database accessible by “proper requests.” Everyone in the Americas will have an ID card, including children.

All of the efforts by American citizens to get our leaders to stop the madness before our nation is destroyed, are futile. The suggestions on blogs and forums calling for securing our border with Mexico and a stop to sending our jobs to third world countries is a waste of time. The Democrat and Republican leaders are united in their mission. Obama is just the latest edition. You are wasting your time by supporting either side when all roads lead to a global society under global governance and the end of the sovereign nation state.

The last two years were just a sample of what’s coming down the road. The one thing each citizen can do is have a long term plan for basic survival. Those under 40, unless you are a CEO, politician or travel in that world, will be living in “interesting times.”

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