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A new immigration bill, S. 3932, is the latest attempt to give amnesty to 20 million illegals in the United States and open up our common I guess Americans can accept this, as long as corporations are making huge profits.internal borders to Canada and Mexico. This bill, like H.R. 4321, also has a common security perimeter mandated for North America. This will open the door for all citizens of the continent to travel and live anywhere. This means that Mexicans would eventually be able to travel throughout North America without being stopped. That includes the drug cartels and the depraved, now dispensing hell on earth to their fellow citizens.  It means castrated cartel members hanging from bridges and human heads lined up along America’s highways, just recently separated from their bodies. And when the perimeter is finished, we had better bring the troops home from Afghanistan because in three decades we will have, besides 100 million more people (US Census Bureau), the entire population of Mexico with the right to work and travel throughout North America. This will be a period known by its rapidly deteriorating quality of life.

President Obama said recently that he couldn’t secure our southern border. First. That’s his job. Second. He’s lying. When part of North America becomes El Norte, a Spanish speaking region, how does he plan to manage the many criminals and discontented foreigners with no allegiance to our nation or even to a North American Community. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the situation.

Like the European Union, we will be taking down some of the fencing along our border with Mexico.This North American common security perimeter is exactly like the European Union security perimeter, a result of the Schengen Treaty. The most important step in their integration was to secure an outer perimeter around the EU (not completed) so that the interior borders could remain open. Once you legally enter any part of the perimeter of the EU and you remain inside the EU perimeter, you can travel anywhere to any country inside the border without being asked to show your papers. Over 400 million EU members and cleared foreign visitors can now travel across every eligible country without being stopped.

With the Schengen Treaty “there are no border checks on persons crossing internal borders between Member States applying the Schengen acquis.” These internal borders “may be crossed without a check, irrespective of the nationality of the traveler.”

The U.S. Department of State describes the same border setup for North America in a 2005 article:

“The key recommendation (by the CFR plan for Building a North American Community)…was for for the three nations to move toward establishing a common security perimeter by 2010. It is important for all three governments to commit themselves to security within that zone, thereby alleviating the need to build some barriers at our mutual borders…It implies that we understand the nature of the goods and PEOPLE that are coming into the continent.” See the documentation on S. 3932 below.

That’s the real reason Obama doesn’t want to secure our border with Mexico. With the integration of North America, cargo and people can cross our border through larger, more modern ports of entry without stopping, using systems similar to EZ pass. Eventually, following the EU’s method, no checks will be made once you are inside North America’s outer security perimeter. These last two amnesty bills also provide for more Ports of Entry on our Canadian and Mexican common borders.

The Menendez bill, S. 3932, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010, was offered up on September 29, 2010. The following describes the important parts of the bill, something you should know if you want to confront your members of Congress:

SEC 121. Annual Report on Improving North American Security Information Exchange.

(a) Requirement for Reports- Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, and annually thereafter, the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary (Homeland Security) and the heads of other appropriate Federal agencies, shall submit a report to Congress that describes the progress made during the most recent 12-month period in improving the effectiveness with which information relating to North American security is exchanged between the Governments of the United States, of Canada, and of Mexico.

(3) Visa Policy Coordination and Immigration Security- Each report submitted under subsection (a) shall describe the progress made by Canada, Mexico, and the United States to enhance North American security, including—

(C) Exploring methods for Canada, Mexico, and the United States to waive visa requirements for nationals and citizens of the same foreign countries;

(D) developing and implementing an immigration security strategy for North America that utilizes a COMMON SECURITY PERIMETER by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support automated reporting and risk targeting of international passengers;

(By waiving visa requirements, visitors are accepted for travel throughout North America. Eventually, with a common security perimeter in place, anyone legally inside this outer perimeter can travel throughout North America without being stopped. That includes pre-cleared foreigners that enter North America. Landing at any port of entry on the continent is valid for North America.)

Cheap Mexican workers will capture most of the jobs in North America.This North American Community will be a busy place with people and cargo flowing across the continent on NAFTA multimodal transportation corridors. Thousands of Mexican stevedores will load Mexican trucks with their cargo at Wal-Mart’s super port on the Southwest side of Mexico, then Mexican truck drivers will travel north on electronically monitored highways. They will slow down at the U.S. border, show their RFID card and continue  driving through without inspection. The Mexican drivers are cleared to deliver anywhere in North American. Did I mention any Americans in the process?

Obama made a speech during President Calderon’s last visit to the White House, mentioning that work was continuing on building more ports of entry along our border with Mexico. It’s also a part of S. 3932:

SEC, 104. Infrastructure Improvements and Expansion of Land Ports of Entry.

(2) …That $300,000,000 shall be used for infrastructure improvements, expansion, and new construction…of HIGH-VOLUME PORTS OF ENTRY  along the Northern border and the Southern border…

SEC. 105. Additional Authorities For Port Of Entry Construction.

(3) construct additional ports of entry along the Southern border and the Northern border.

Under SEC, 122. Cooperation With The Government Of Mexico.

Obama also wants to help Mexico improve border security, “reduce” human trafficking, drug smuggling, and gang membership (He can’t even control Latino gangs in Los Angeles, many of whom are illegals and operating in plain sight on American soil.) We are also helping Mexico to gain operational control of their border, especially their border with Guatemala and Belize, part of the common security perimeter. This is being done under the Merida Initiative, put together by Condoleezza Rice in 2007 for George Bush.

As you can see, Obama has no intention of securing our border or taking care of the problem caused by hundreds of thousands of Mexican and OTM criminals running loose in our sanctuary cities. In war, sanctuary is usually given by a nation to allies assaulting another nation. In this case, American cities, San Francisco for example, are providing sanctuary for those assaulting America. Our “leaders” are doing what is necessary to complete this new continental arrangement.

Obama wants this comprehensive immigration bill passed in order to complete this integration of North America. Both Republicans and Democrats want this change to regional governance but with some differences. However, it isn’t going to turn out well for either party. And the world won’t have America to kick around anymore.

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