Mexican Update: Welcome to Acapulco but watch where you step

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Jan 172011

Acapulco is known for it’s beautiful beaches and luxury resorts. Now you can add to that decapitated and disemboweled Mexicans. On January 8, another drug cartel decided to have a business conference with a rival cartel in the resort city.

This is the reality of Mexico. This will be a part of the New America.It was a private meeting so, according to witnesses, “at least 8 vehicles with armed men drove up and set up roadblocks along the Cayaco and Puerto Marques streets. The commandos then began to threaten bystanders, local shopkeepers and the customers inside, ‘telling them to shutdown their businesses and for everyone to clear the street or they would be shot.'”

‘The siege lasted about 15 minutes and it closed the busy avenue to the local transit services and other public service vehicles.” But the municipal police decided to stay away until the meeting was over and “didn’t respond until well after the assailants had fled.”

They also “left as soon as they arrived, almost immediately” ‘waiting only long enough for the Army and Federal police to arrive and secure the crime scene.'”  And the municipal police officers all got home safely.

“Local authorities say the Sinaloa drug cartel is fighting the criminal organizations of ‘La Familia’ and ‘Los Zetas’ for control of drug routes in and around Acapulco and the state of Guerrero. Joaquin Guzman-Loera, the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, appeared in the list of the most powerful people in the world published by Forbes (appropriate). Guzman-Loera, also known as ‘El Chapo’ (Shorty), was No. 60 and his fortune is estimated at$1 billion, according to Forbes.” CNN

There was more violence in the area over a four day period with the death toll at more than 30. That same morning, in colonia La Cima, a dead man was discovered in a car, along with several rounds from an AK-47.

Six more bodies were later discovered inside a taxi (2 in the trunk) along the Vicente Guerrero Blvd. and another two were found dumped in a canal near the crime scene. Another was killed “one kilometer away from the scene of the massacre.”

Up north, in the large modern city of Monterrey, drug cartel violence has already made its presence known. Some business leaders, government officials and their families have “moved” to Texas. The reason for this, you might have guessed, is that the Mexican government has failed in its duty to protect the citizens of Mexico. That makes it a failed state when it no longer has control of its country.

And  there are more problems from Northeastern Mexico. Police officers have been ordered to stop patrols in some areas in Monterrey:

“Two police departments in Monterrey, the capital of the northern state of Nuevo Leon, have ordered officers to stay in their stations in the wake of attacks that left four law enforcement agents dead and three others wounded.

“Monterrey transit police commanders and officials in the suburb of Guadalupe ordered officers in their departments to not go on patrol.”

But police in nearby San Nicholas, Apodaca and San Pedro continue “to patrol the streets, but they are doing so in convoys, spokesmen for the different departments said.”

And last week armed men launched a rifle and grenade attack  at the “Topo Chico prison in northwest Monterrey, where residents reported hearing gunfire and an explosion….” As of Jan. 14, 2011, nine Monterrey police officers have been killed in gun battles.

In Xalapa, a town in the eastern state of Veracruz, a six-hour gun battle took place on January 14 between gang members and about one hundred soldiers, marines and police. It lasted into the night. Twelve gang members and two soldiers were killed in the battle. Residents of the neighborhood tipped off the military commander of the region and they responded. Local television coverage of the operation is in Spanish.

Reuters – “A Mexican activist who led protests against the unsolved killings of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juarez has herself been murdered.” Susana Chavez led a campaign to bring a stop to the violence against women with a slogan “Not One More Death”.  She was strangled by three teenage boys who then cut off her hand. The killing was not believed related to her campaign. January 13, 2011.

Texas Ranger searches area for spent bullets.On Thursday the 13th of January a Mexican gunman fired across the border toward U.S. workers doing roadwork. According to the El Paso Times, “at least one Mexican gunman fired a high powered rifle across the border at four U.S. road workers …in an isolated ghost town east of Fort Hancock.” No one was hurt. A white pickup was seen leaving the area at the time the shots were fired.

Border Patrol spokesman Bill Brooks said his agents in the Marfa sector responded to the gunfire after DPS alerted them. The agents are not part of the investigation…” The governor’s office had not yet confirmed the incident. but a spokesperson, Katherine Cesinger, said, “If these reports are true, it is yet another incident of border violence and spillover…It goes back for the need for the federal government to provide more resources to the border…” Texas Rangers searched “an area 25 miles east of Fort Hancock for spent bullets.”

The out of control border is driving Americans away from their homes and ranches 60 miles north of the border, deep into the United States. See this video of a Texas family who finally had to leave.

January 15, 2011. How did the first two weeks of the new year start out for Mexico? In the first 14 days of 2011, 507 were killed.

“In the first 14 days of 2011, every 40 minutes a person has been killed in the country in incidents related to organized crime, marking the beginning of the most violent year in the current administration.”

General Barry McCaffrey, former U.S. Drug Czar and head of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) said, in an analysis:

“Mexico must create a national police force and this might be the salvation of the state, but it would take at least another 15 years…A national police force with national standards, along with the proper training and medical/life insurance would take at least 15 years to accomplish. However, this is the only way forward.” Doris Gomora for El Universal.

Sounds discouraging but evidently the Obama administration is determined to integrate Mexico into a North American Community, in between the bullets and grenades. And, of course, we will have the forced evacuation of more American citizens as a result of the continuing “armed” invasion of our nation and Obama’s failure to defend our borders as spelled out in Article IV, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

Janet Napolitano recently said that she’s dropping the current virtual fence to secure our border with Mexico. She is going to use high-tech systems, some from the current plan as well as others. As long as it isn’t a real fence. That might get in the way of more When Obama and the Congress finish their dirty work, Americans will become unwelcome in their own country.ports of entry, including larger ports along the Mexican border to handle the traffic from tens of thousands of trucks daily, hauling contaminated, poorly made products from Wal-Mart’s new port in Southwest Mexico and across the United States and Canada on North American transportation corridors. Obama has already announced that more ports, including larger ports, are going to be constructed along our southern border. In addition, more ports are mandated in the two new immigration bills.

H.R. 4321 is one of the immigration bills on hold and is essentially the same as S.3932. The reason Napolitano wants to build this “secure” border with primarily high-tech systems is that it’s less noticeable than a fence and the future of the U.S/Mexican border and the U.S/ Canadian border is that these common internal borders of North America will require no ID check for anyone on the continent. Mexicans will be able to cross every part of our 2,000 mile border. This is the same system as the European Union, and is called the Schengen Agreement. And every North American will also have an ID that is stored on shared databases. Once all three nations declare that they have operational control of their borders, the outer security perimeter can be declared secured. And the North American Community will be up and running.

(Once the system is in place, anyone inside the perimeter will be considered legal and will not be asked for ID or papers.)

H.R. 4321, SEC. 111. declares:

“(a) Requirement for Strategy – The Secretary (Homeland Security) in consultation with the heads of other appropriate Federal agencies, shall develop a National Strategy for Border Security that describes actions to be carried out to maintain operational control over all ports of entry into the United States and the international and maritime borders of the United States.”

When Canada, Mexico and the United States have operational control over their borders, the common security perimeter can be implemented for the continent. Once visitors from a foreign nation arrive (pre-cleared) to any port of entry in North America, they are cleared throughout North America. No papers asked for.

Preparations are also being made to handle the large, continuous volume of traffic across the continent. Obama has already planned for more and larger ports of entry across our 2,000 mile border. All immigration bills have wording for these POEs.

H.R. 4321, SEC. 139. Ports of Entry:

“(2) acquire, by purchase, donation, or exchange, land or any interest in land determined to be necessary to carry out the Commissioner’s duties under this section; and

(3) construct additional ports of entry along the southern border and the northern border.”

For those who still go online to suggest ways to secure our border, you can forget it. No one in authority will stop what has already been decided. You might want to challenge your representatives on their stance regarding this well-documented, dots-connected plan by our corporate/government partnership to replace the sovereign United States with a North American Community. Tell them not to respond with a form letter that evades your question. Ask them how they will vote on an immigration bill.

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