Texas Judge frees suspected Zeta Killer on bond: Northern Mexico, Collapse of Law and Order?

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Feb 192011

(Feb. 17, 2011) The good guys along the Mexican border are few in number and disappearing fast and now an American judge in Laredo, Texas (USA) has released “Joseph Allen Garcia…an alleged Zeta member who is accused of multiple murders among other things” for a $1.25 million bond.

Garcia has a record of criminal activities. He “had previously posted bond for murder, attempted murder and possession of drugs but became a fugitive after he failed to appear at a court hearing in 2005. He was captured in Reynosa, Mexico, in September and was expelled to the U.S. where he was taken into custody.” He was on the Top 15 of the U.S. Marshall’s most wanted fugitives list since 2008.

After Judge Elma Salinas Ender granted Garcia bail, police tried to explain it away:

“We put an ankle monitor on him. He’s supposed to call every day so we’ll be keeping close tabs on his security.”

Depending on his importance, some jurors might be “persuaded” to find him innocent, even by  an “American” jury. But he is still wanted for other offenses. A judge has excellent reasons to deny him bail. What the judge did was a crime. See pro8news coverage.

This is part of an e-mail from a citizen of Laredo, Texas on Feb. 16, 2011:

“There are some very shady things going on in our own backyard and our mayor and governor and President are worried about Mexico and the violence and corruption over there? This really makes no sense…why would they allow someone so dangerous to roam our streets!? I want those people that allowed this to happen to get the heat they deserve…Everybody has their noses dipped in Mexico’s business, at their inability to stop this war…while here in my hometown (a river away from Mexico) our justice system has just let loose into our community a very dangerous individual who had been wanted for a long time…an alleged Zeta.” (Who are the Zetas?)

The drug cartels spread across the river to America a number of years ago and the Mexican violence is here and growing because of the deliberate actions of our government over the last ten years. Garcia is a U.S. citizen.

And what once was considered an atrocity is just another crime from Mexico:  “Police found the severed head of a two-month-old baby dumped in the town of Delicias in Chihuahua earlier this month in one of the cruelist revenge attacks to scar the state.”

And Obama has announced a North American Perimeter around our continent and the construction of large ports of entry along our border with Mexico and Canada to speed up the flow of people (cheap labor) and commerce across our border, all day and all night. All bad news for Americans.


Just a typical night in laid back Juarez.“Mexico is struggling to avert a collapse of law and order along its northern border in a region that generates a quarter of its  economic output, with two states already facing the threat of criminal anarchy.

“Even after four years of dramatic military sweeps, drug cartels in Chihuahua and Tamaulipas are extending their control over large areas and the state governments seem powerless to stop them.

“Mass jail breaks, abandoned police stations, relentless killings and gangs openly running criminal rackets such as gasoline stolen from pipelines are the new reality in regions once at the forefront of Mexico’s efforts to modernize and prosper under the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

And there is no trust in Mexican officials.  The few that dare to stand up are quickly assassinated or leave the country, with their families.

Extortions are a growing business in Mexico. Ciudad Juarez: “Everyone is paying extortion money…many small businesses have stopped paying their social security and hitmen have warned government tax collectors against trying to chase those in arrears.”

A Mexican bus driver: “There’s no hope here, only fear…These gangs have complete power over us.”

More examples of a failed state, coming to America.

Updates: It appears that Mexico is trying to set another record for  2011.

(14 Feb. 2011)” The top security official in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon was found dead and burned inside a truck in the city of Monterrey.”

Eighteen people were killed in Padilla in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas…Five Padilla residents were among those killed…along with six people traveling in the city. Another seven bodies were dumped in the town square…” And, “unspecified damage was done to Padilla’s municipal palace, the lower judiciary court and the city police command.”

(11 Feb. 2011) And don’t forget our millions of illegal aliens still in America, some who are responsible for killing tens of thousands of American citizens over the last decade. And they just keep on coming. Evidently Janet has a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” for illegals. The latest known OTM (other than Mexican) illegal to kill Americans is Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro, from El Salvador.

Jose killed three and wounded three from two houses, including William Ashbey Ashcraft and and Brenda Ashcraft in Manassas, Virginia. Yes. Obama and Janet are responsible for their deaths and many more. (The New York Times)

Obama has signaled full speed ahead on the integration of North America with his “North American Perimeter” and the resulting free flow of commerce and people throughout the continent, but the American public wasn’t paying attention nor was the media hyped up about saying anything at all about this end game for America.

Remember that this perimeter will allow workers from North America to “live and work” anywhere they please. This is explained on pages 27, 28 of Building a North American Community.

That also means “recognition of professional standards and degrees” of all three countries.

“The three governments should devote more resources to leading and creating incentives that would encourage the professional associations of each of the three countries to develop shared standards that would facilitate SHORT-TERM professional labor within North America.” p.28.

Obama’s plan, borrowed from George W. Bush, is to have all classifications of labor, including doctors, scientists, engineers, chemists, nurses, MBAs, etc. Every American will now be competing against Mexicans and the jobs will go to those who accept the lowest offer for temporary jobs. That’ why Bush welcomed the “New Americans.”

The goal for all CEOs is the establishment of a mobile, temporary global work force (all on a data base, under construction) where you will compete against billions of qualified workers. If you think it’s bad now, then you’re in for a surprise.

Keep in mind that everything taking place on this continent, including the chaos in Mexico, affects the integration of North America, followed by the integration of the Americas (Western Hemisphere). The Mexican problem is actually slowing the process down. Mexico has to be a lot more like Canada and that is why Obama has USNORTHCOM in Mexico trying to get operational control of its border and their judicial, army, and police institutions up to international standards. See Universal Registry: Integrating the Americas. Documented.

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