U.S. Corporations decoupling from American Workers

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May 132011

The talking heads on CNBC keep talking about hiring more workers  in America if they get all of those tax breaks and favorable treatment by the U.S. Government. Let corporations operate unfettered by regulations. But the regulators did ignore the regulations and the criminals on Wall Street and in banks and corporations across our land went on a crime spree that caused a global meltdown. Now American corporations are involved in the final steps toward the complete destruction of the middle class in the U.S.

If corporations are successful, these lines will be commonplace across America.Global Corporate America has been weaning itself off of the American economy the last few decades since profit levels weren’t acceptable here so “it has decoupled from the American middle class; its interests are now international rather than domestic.”

This decoupling in our economy over the last two decades was due to corporate America, led by Wal-Mart, kicking American workers in all categories out the door and replacing them with third world workers in China and other cheap wage countries. This resulted in enormous profits for American corporations and part time or permanent unemployment for Americans.

Corporations are now in the process of destroying the middle class literally by (Bill Gates) inviting millions of educated, skilled H-1B workers from Asia to become part of the new America. In addition, George W. Bush and now Barack Obama have been busy integrating North America into a trading region with governing institutions. That would include the populations of Mexico and Canada having the right to eventually “live and work” anywhere they desire on the continent.

The purpose is to lower the wages of American workers through the use of large numbers of foreign, especially Mexican employees, with little or no benefits. If you don’t like the pay, American corporations have the whole world to choose from. In addition to the millions of jobs lost to foreign workers engaged in manufacturing and other areas, small American businesses are now sending jobs overseas.

“These tend to be ‘knowledge-based’ jobs, from designing a simple website to doing financial research, in which the final work product can be delivered electronically.” And for less cost than in the U.S.

‘By 2015, U.S. companies will move 3.3 million jobs to offshore locations, accounting for $136 billion in wages. Many of those jobs will be in the information and communication technology sectors…”

American wages must fall to compete with the third world.“The Wall Street Journal reports…(April 19, 2011) that Corporate America isn’t doing its part to help bring America out of its economic malaise. The paper surveyed employment data by some of the nation’s largest corporations–General Electric, Caterpillar, Wal-Mart, Chevron, Cisco, Intel, Stanley Works, Merck, United Technologies, and Oracle–and found that they cut their workforces by 2.9 million people over the last decade while hiring 2.4 million people overseas.”

What did American corporations do after the economic collapse in 2008 when massive job losses were hurting American workers? During 2009 more than 70 senior executives attended the “2009 Strategic Outsourcing Conference” to talk about how to send (more) American jobs overseas.

How did they respond to the plight of American workers? They stuck the knife in deep and twisted it for good measure. The majority of company executives “said their companies increased outsourcing in response to the downturn, with only 9 percent saying they terminated some outsourcing agreements.”

Now American corporations want to be able to take the huge profits they made overseas with foreign labor and “bring money they have stashed overseas back to the U.S. at a dramatically lower tax rate.”

It’s no secret that American CEOs have no thoughts of helping Americans find new jobs. Nothing personal. It’s not their concern. They do this to every country where they set up factories. If they find a better deal elsewhere, they just leave, abandoning the unemployed workers without any help.

These trade agreements between countries are the access to cheap labor, with no worries about working conditions or being responsible for a healthy environment. There are no enforceable rules for labor or the environment. That includes the trade agreement with South Korea that President Obama is trying to get Congress to pass, an agreement that will cost America 159,000 jobs. So far he is following in the footsteps of George W. Bush. At least he should have a large corporate war chest to pay for his re-election campaign.

From the article “We don’t need no stinkin jobs (in the U.S.)” Charles Hugh Smith says that corporations exist for making profits and the U.S. market was stuck at a certain level. Now the vast new revenues  and profits come from non-U.S. sales.”

As an example of the potential market outside of the U.S., there are roughly 2,25 billion potential consumers of toothpaste and 1 billion potential consumers of other goods and services sold by Global Corporate America.” And with cheap labor from overseas factories, corporations can make tremendous profits.

Smith says that it wasn’t “coincidental that corporate profits from the non-U.S. sales were flat during the heyday of the U.S. middle-class, and that they have been rising as the middle class loses ground.”

“Global corporations now have the resources to influence the machinery of governance in their favor, and…this is the rational and necessary result of their prime directives and loyalties.”

“Thus there is no choice but to lobby for one’s own interests. With corporate profits exceeding $1 trillion, the costs of influencing  politics is now trivial.”

This is a one-sided battle in favor of corporations:

“The middle class is comparatively powerless: it is not a source of campaign funding, and half of its members don’t even bother to vote. Most of those who do vote are swayed by easily purchased, expertly contrived propaganda.”

What Smith is saying is that Global Corporate America owns the United States and the top levels of government, including the President and Congress–both parties. Few are carrying out their oath of office.

Now the Wall Street mavens are talking up the 50,000 workers hired recently to work for McDonald’s as a sign that the economy is starting to grow, again. Of course, working for the clown is not a living wage for even a single person. I wonder how many of the new hires are illegal aliens involved in identity theft and how many are American citizens. Illegals still don’t qualify as Americans.

The fact is McDonald’s has a reputation for hiring illegals and producing fake IDs:

This is sad when 50,000 Mcjobs is cause for celebration.(April 14, 2011) “Three McDonald’s Corp. restaurant managers in Savannah, Ga., were charged Wednesday with selling identities stolen from U.S. citizens to prospective workers, a case that federal authorities say shows the tricks employers are taking to mask the hiring of illegal immigrants.”

(ICE) “agents Wednesday arrested managers Oscar Lazo, 51 years old, a Peruvian national; Eva Ramos, 35, a U.S. citizen; and another unnamed manager, a Mexican citizen who was working under a stolen identity, at the restaurants. In addition to the managers, agents arrested nine immigrants at the restaurants and held two Mexican nationals, former employees of McDonald’s in the area, at their homes.”

Another example of Homeland Security doing the best job ever of controlling our border with Mexico. Check Ronald the clown’s record of good citizenship. Read more.

“If lower-wage jobs continue to be America’s growth model going forward–and so far in our recovery they largely have been–anyone who cares about the future of the middle class and the strength of our economy should be worried. Right now, America is filling up with empty calories.” (Opinion, Annette Barnhardt)

“As grateful as McDonald’s new hires surely are for the work, we have to create better jobs. The country is facing high unemployment, declining family incomes, skyrocketing CEO pay, shrinking health benefits and waves of foreclosures and bankruptcies.”

Getting a job from McDonald’s is not the way to personal recovery or a nation’s recovery. We need decent paying jobs that would lead to a middle class that can afford housing, a car, and other opportunities in life. We had that dream once but, as I have said numerous times, American corporations want to destroy the American dream, completely. McDonald’s is the beginning and the end.

CEOs of North America put together a 32-page document for Building a North American Community in 2005, which is being utilized to construct a union of North America. In this continental trading region every person would be a North American citizen with the right to travel, work and live anywhere they please.

President Obama, with Prime Minister Harper of Canada, announced a North American perimeter, the final key to a union, would be constructed in order to increase the flow of people and commerce across the continent. Legislation is required in order to change America’s borders and can currently be found in  senate bill S. 3932. See pages xvii and 8 in Building a North American Community.

To CEOs it’s winner take all. They like making tons of money off of cheap labor and no benefits for the workers. A perfect corporate world would be when North America’s low wages compare with those of the third world. Then we would have a nice two-tiered system; the ruling class and those who are ruled.

There would be no sovereign nation state. The world would be a connection of regions with a combination of regional governance through appointed institutions, trade agreements, a regional parliament, numerous international organizations for global problems and all based on international law. You won’t have to worry about democracy. It won’t be there. Neither will your first and second amendments.  Obama’s administration has already begun efforts toward that end.

Welcome to your new world order.

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