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When Esther J. Cepeda saw Leo Manzano, former illegal alien, showing the Mexican flag with the American flag at the London Olympics after winning the silver medal in the 1500 meter run, she knew there would be a backlash. There was a backlash, of course, and with good reason.

Ms. Cepeda has this to say:

“Ethnic pride is an innocent, perfectly all-American phenomenon where people who love the country with all their heart can still honor their roots through the chanting of international songs and slogans, displays of flags and native costumes, and the celebration of all manner of ‘homeland’ traditions.”

Ms. Cepeda, you need to get out of your office, go west and find your compatriots, and observe reality.

In the spirit of the times, the overwhelming majority of Mexicans woke up a few decades ago in California and realized they were the majority in some towns and cities. And they realized they could take America back from the “white racist European invaders” by demographics. They would simply flood America’s unprotected southern border.

Jorge Ramos, Mexican anchor for Univision Noticieros, called it the Reconquest (or Reconquista). Every Mexican knows this, from California to Florida.

With the election of George W. Bush and followed by Barack Obama, the Mexicans realized that they could seize the country through population growth and, following the Cuban experience, be elected to all offices. Thus the Mexican flag would fly at the top of the pole and they would rule a Spanish-speaking America. Or at least, a large part of it. (There are one million illegals in Florida.)

Florida will, soon enough, become a Latino-governed state with a large Spanish-speaking population. Puerto Ricans are pushing for political power in the Central Florida area (Orlando). American citizens have already felt the threats from this ethnic group, “encouraging” white Americans to leave the neighborhood because it belongs to them now.

Mexicans like to show the flag. From Florida to California, Mexicans and Mexican students leave class in mass and lower the American flag, sometimes stomp on it, and raise their flag above the school or over a post office. Mexican children are taught to hate white Americans and that the Mexicans will one day rule America.

The majority of Mexican/Americans, legal immigrants from Mexico and illegal aliens, do not hide their goal of reconquering “their land”. Some have called this movement “our manifest destiny”. Demonstrations are part of the scenery, including attacks by Mexican thugs on mostly white senior citizens protesting illegal immigration. Mexican demonstrators include men, women, and children when they confront white and black Americans protesting illegal aliens and taking jobs away from them in their own country because they can’t speak Spanish.

An American can no longer get a job in large parts of the U.S. if he can’t speak Spanish in an English-speaking nation. Of course, in the new America Spanish will become the primary language in a large part of the country. (You can thank Wal-Mart, Home Depot and our corporate partnership.)

Mexican violence against white Americans is common and fights involving hundreds of combatants are covered by local news stations but, strangely, no broadcast makes it to CNN or other national outlets. However, you can find a dozen videos of Mexicans threatening and attacking white and black Americans on this site. Click here, scroll down and click on videos. Hatred of white Americans is widespread among the Mexican population. Mexican and American leaders also support the end of a sovereign America and a continent run by Spanish-speaking officials. (White people across the world are dying out, a fact that Mexican reconquistas are proud to announce.)

Here are a few of the people. both Latinos and American officials, who are working hard to end the United States  as a sovereign nation:

Professor Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas, Arlington, despises white Americans and declares the deaths of white Americans is a good thing.

“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is that if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

Jorge Ramos, a long-time television anchor for Univision Noticieros favors replacing white (and blacks) with Latinos in charge of America. He says:

“While no fighting is taking place on the military or legal fronts (not true on both counts), there is fighting going on culturally. It’s the Reconquest. The Latinos are culturally reconquering lands that once were part of the Spanish empire…”

Barack Obama, candidate for president at Powder Springs, Georgia (July 9, 2008):

“You need to make sure that your child can speak Spanish.”

See the video. In this North American Community that Obama is now constructing on our continent, every language is welcome, like in the European Union. The EU will do business in over 2 dozen languages. In this new Community, no one has to learn English, but if you want to work here, you better learn Spanish. And if you are a white citizen, you can still be turned down because of your race. The level of hatred against whites is deep.

George W. Bush, presidential candidate speaking to Hispanics in Miami, Florida on the coming make-up of what will soon be an integrated North America with open borders:

“By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.”

George W, Bush was welcoming the Spanish-speaking immigrants who will replace the white population as they die off.

Bush and all future presidents will continue the integration of North America, based on the European Union model. Presidents Bush and Obama could be the first leaders in history to pursue a policy of, essentially, ethnic cleansing of white and black American workers, replacing them with another race that speaks another language, another more docile constituency who will work cheap, a goal of this corporate/government region of the New World Order. Try to sanitize that.

Find out what other leaders have said on integration of North America and beyond.

Illegal Mexicans have killed thousands of Americans over the last two decades, with many criminals escaping justice. In this multicultural land, violence between Mexican students and white Americans and between Mexican students and black Americans is common. The police riot teams are often called into schools to put down the fighting.

Another battleground is Home Depot, which supports illegal aliens and lets them pick up jobs on their store site. Neo-Nazis, the Mexican Brown Berets and illegal aliens by the hundreds often square off to battle. In this photo the Mexicans eventually cross a barrier and attack 25 protestors in a brief fight before the police regain control. This is the future of California. This is America’s future. Read this article and click on this 9 minute local news coverage of the Mexican attack.

Many Mexican gang members are illegal yet they are protected from arrest by sanctuary cities (San Francisco) and they are free to kill Americans. In Los Angeles, Latino gangs have been practicing ethnic cleansing of black American citizens for two decades. These Americans are kept from the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by a brutal invasion based on hate and the return of territory captured by white Europeans in the Mexican/American War of 1848.

So to you Ms. Cepeda, I suggest that you do a lot of homework before you rave on without knowledge of your subject.

Note: Mexicans in the United States are eligible to apply for dual citizenship and some are doing that. They can vote in Mexico and the U.S. plus run for office in both countries. Guess whose country will have their loyalty. Guess whose flag Mexicans in the United States will fly over their homes.

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