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2f357d4fd14edcbf178841d515a2-grande(June 24, 2013) A new report from the U.S. Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) and the (London) Royal United Services Institute, say that we must place “more effort into fighting global warming than securing reliable supplies of fossil fuels.” If not, the future will suffer much more by failing to stop the growing disaster. The joint report  put it bluntly to those known as Deniers:

“…they criticize American policymakers and legislators for refusing to accept the ‘robust’ scientific evidence that emissions of carbon dioxide are already causing harmful global warming, and for refusing to take actions that, if taken swiftly, could ward off its worst effects.

MY NOTE: The report also says that growing  biofuels should replace oil drilling but that never did make sense to me- to replace growing food to be used, instead,  for fuel for vehicles. We currently need much more agricultural land for food that we will not have over the next 4 decades. And that does not count on the damage caused to crops from drought and floods from climate change here in the United States now.

The report continues:

“Political leaders, including many in the United States, refuse to accept short-term costs to address long-term dangers even though the future costs of responding to disasters after they occur will be far greater.”

CO2mainnewsIn fact, driven by corporate CEOs, world leaders have chosen to not pay the costs of stopping the rise of greenhouse gases, even knowing that such an uncertain future will make it impossible to plan for droughts, floods and a rapidly warming world. Their plan is to cut back on greenhouse gases  whenever they can-if the cost is not too high. But the only outcome possible for ignoring this will be a global disaster. It can easily bring about a most horrific ending to much of life on Earth. And the effects will last for thousands of years.

PHOTO: Obama is closing down coal power plants but American coal companies are simply selling that coal to Europe and Asia, including China.

The CNA report in 2007 called climate change a “threat multiplier” and in 2008 “a formal National Intelligence Assessment found that climate change poses a serious threat to national security and long-term global stability.”

The bottom line for this joint American-British report is clear:

It says that “even more important is the compelling need to stop using fossil fuels in the first place, since the steady addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is now posing imminent dangers to national security.”

Meanwhile, scientists are also sounding the alarm that an out-of-control climate change will cause a future in which there will be no way of knowing how to prepare to stop the rise of greenhouse gases.  You either attack the threat to our existence with full force or decide to boost the economy.


1113“In the next twenty years, the global demand for fresh water will outstrip reliable supply in many parts of the world. Thanks to population growth and agricultural intensification, humanity is drawing more heavily than ever on shared river basins and underground aquifers.

“Meanwhile, global warming is projected to exacerbate shortages in already-stressed regions, even as it accelerates the rapid melting of glaciers and snow cover upon which a billion people depend for their ultimate source of water.”

The melting of glaciers is real, including in the United States. Read the link above for details which show that “one third of the world’s population will live near water basins where the water deficit will be larger than 50 percent by 2030.”

You can witness it here when we have already been delivering water to areas of the western part of  America. Globally, it means 3 billion people will experience a “water deficit…larger than 50 percent by 2030.” There will also be a growing deficit in food, depending on the location and severity of climate change.

2_23_032706_immigration1Remember, we are also on the way to 138 million more people, or more. If we don’t have the resources for this many more people in the U.S. now, how we will manage with an overflow of immigration, mostly from a hostile Mexico. And a large portion of these new arrivals will end up in the Southwest United States.  Ponder that. You will know for certain that climate change is here once the massive invasion lays waste to this part of America and the horde heads east.

But we still have to make it to 2050 with the rest of the 2.4 billion people added to planet Earth. Anything that can go wrong, will.

Large demonstrations by Mexican students living in the Southwest U.S.  are violently opposed to “White Americans” living in “their country” (the United States) and they will go to war when the global shortage of food and water means the winner takes all.

small sampling of your trip to 2050: Professor Julian Cribb, his book, The Coming Famine… maps out the scenario for 2050.

The pressure will be on for a “rising demand for protein foods such as meat, milk, fish and eggs, and a global food requirement by 2050 that will be up to double today’s, outstripping growth in food output.

“Fueling this will be growing shortages of water and productive land-25 per cent of land is already so damaged it can barely yield food- declining nutrients, high energy costs, over-fishing, decimation of coral reefs and ocean food chains, declining agricultural research, climate change, and economics, politics and trade policies that distort world markets.”

NOTE: Predictions for 2050. There will be a lack of water to raise animals plus scientists have predicted that by 2050 sea food will disappear in the oceans. Everyone will be affected. Of course, the elite will still be able to get meat protein regularly. You will no longer be able to eat hamburgers, steak, barbeque pork, fried chicken, shrimp, lobster, flounder and the rest. Think Vegan.

“More, and possibly worse, could be in store. British defense analysts have predicted that rising populations, declining resources and climate change will increase the risk of food price spikes and shortages, water scarcities in volatile regions, mass displacement cause by climate or resource insurgency, pervasive criminality and widespread disorder.”

childrenrunningNote that the United States government is in the process of integrating with Canada and Mexico into a North American Community. The U.S. Census Bureau has already predicted 138 million more people, mostly Mexicans, by 2050. Refugees from a number of countries will likely add much more as the global meltdown continues. These new inhabitants have no loyalty to the United States. On the contrary, they loudly proclaim that they will regain their “stolen land”. Even now violence and threats against American citizens by Mexicans living in America is common.

PHOTO: Mexican school children run the gauntlet  to home as a shootout plays out in a Mexican town. This is common. It’s also common to see victims skinned alive and posed on the streets or beheaded and posed. Sometimes they hang tortured innocents from bridges. It’s part of their Aztec history and culture. Coming soon to America.

1002-DRONES-copy-cat.jpg_full_300President George W. Bush, and now President Obama, is currently in the process of putting in place a complete police state. It will include biometric ID cards for every citizen of North America. Everyone will be on interconnected data bases. Police and the military of the three nations will utilize all resources from the three nations to try and maintain order. Cameras, drones and a heavy security presence will be watching you. Internment will be for those citizens who “may” be a danger to the continent. Those who own guns will be targeted. Ammunition will be off limits to citizens.

PHOTO: Thousands of drones across America, keeping our leaders safe from its citizens.

As we rush toward our destiny with 2050, desperation will drive the people while pervasive criminality and widespread disorder will  be common across the planet. Leaders will turn to drastic means to bring about some kind of workable peace. And a much lower global population will be a necessity.


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