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america-statueofliberty-jpg_11_20121016-455When I grew up I learned early on that the merchants of the world rule and would eventually, like a cancer, destroy all that they see. And the CEOs of our economic system are truly based on “the one who dies with the most, wins.”

Then shortly afterward, the world becomes uninhabitable.

This is where we are heading. And there is no way to turn it around.

Do your homework and you will see that the date 2050 is significant to the predicted future of the world. It means that world leaders will have failed and our planet is no longer functioning. By 2050, the economic regions will no longer be working, the “in progress”  of a North American police apparatus will no longer be functioning and chaos will replace them with angry, hostile ethnic groups mixing it up with no end in sight. So it will go with this last attempt at some feeble kind of a New World Order.

There will be 2.4 billion more people on planet Earth by then and 4.5 billion people without enough water for drinking or anything else. There will be no water to feed animals or grow food. Harsh temperatures will destroy crops. Pets will be utilized as food. Some people will change to vegan but that will fail. North American biometric IDs for North America will fail. (Somewhere along the way, climate change will have put its mark on Earth.)

There will be at least 90% of the oceans’ fish gone. The oceans and coral reefs will be polluted.

Worldwide disorder will prevail because of  shortages of everything above, over the next 4 decades and beyond. That includes greater risk of civil wars, inter-communal violence, insurgency, pervasive criminality and widespread disorder. 

Into this future scenario, Dahr Jamail, a climate scientist, had just made a return to Mount Rainer in 2010 to check on the state of the glacier and found a large part of the glacier had disappeared. His thoughts quickly ran to those of what life will be like in a world in disarray.

He decided that he needed to put his knowledge and conclusions together with that of other scientists in the community. His conclusions were disturbing in that the dangers to the life of our planet are real and must be dealt with immediately.

“Some of them even think that, if the record ongoing releases of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thanks to the burning of fossil fuels, are aided and abetted by massive releases of methane, an even more powerful greenhouse gas, life as we humans have known it might be at an end on this planet. They fear that we may be at–and over–a climate change precipice hair-raising quickly.”

Jamail has collected data and resources from experts on climate change that have painted a picture of an immediate threat to life for humans and other life on Earth. The situation needs remedial action right now. Otherwise, the whole planet is at risk .

We, as humans, have never been here before:

Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of evolutionary biology, natural resources, and ecology at the University of Arizona and a climate change expert of 25 years…noted:

‘We’ve never been on a planet with no Arctic ice, and we will hit the average of 400 ppm… within the next couple of years. At that time, we’ll also see the loss of Arctic ice in the summers… This planet has not experienced an ice-free Arctic for at least the last three million years.”

“Professor Peter Wadhams, a leading Arctic expert at Cambridge University, has been measuring Arctic ice for 40 years, and his findings underscore McPherson’s fears.  (Without ice, global temperatures will climb- a lot.)

According to Wadhams,”The fall-off in ice volume is so fast it is going to bring us to zero very quickly,”

Professor Wadhams said “with 95% confidence” that the Arctic will have completely ice-free summers by 2018. (U.S. Navy predicts ice-free Arctic by 2016).


[British scientist John Nissen, chairman of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (of which Wadhams is a member), suggests that if the summer sea ice loss passes “the point of no return,” and “catastrophic Arctic methane feedbacks” kick in, we’ll be in an ‘instant planetary emergency.”]

This means that the Earth’s temperature will soar beyond the ability for humans, animals and plants to exist. Then you will believe in climate change.

121207081824-ice-05-horizontal-gallery“McPherson, Wadham, and Nissen represent just the tip of a melting iceberg of scientists who are now warning us about looming disaster, especially involving Arctic methane releases. In the atmosphere, methane is a greenhouse gas that, on a relatively short-term time scale, is far more destructive than carbon dioxide (CO2). It is 23 times as powerful as CO2 per molecule on a 100-year timescale, 105 times more potent when it comes to heating the planet on a 20-year timescale–and the Arctic permafrost, onshore and off, is packed with the stuff.

According to Wadham, the seabed  “… is offshore permafrost, but is now warming and melting. We are now seeing great plumes of methane bubbling up in the Siberian Sea…millions of square miles where methane cover is being released.”

Ira Leifer, atmospheric and Marine scientist at the University of California Barbara and one of the authors of the recent Arctic Methane study noted this:

“the Permian mass extinction that occurred 250 million years ago is related to methane and thought to be the key to what caused the extinction of most species on the planet.”

Jamail noted: “In that extinction in the Permian mass extinction episode, it is estimated that 95% of all species were wiped out.”

This article by Dahr Jamail is an excellent sample of the evidence he has presented to the world for your consideration. If you read the entire (18 pages) you will understand clearly that all life on Earth is in peril, not by 2050 or 2100.  Now. Mitigation is just a name, signifying surrender to the forces of greed, the CEOS. Those who would destroy the world and themselves.

And you, the citizens. Those who did not care to understand how fragile this world is and those living in it, there will be a reckoning. Those who tried and those who never had a clue.

Link to article.

A commentary from Eric Zeuess on Dahr Jamail’s complaint that no one is working toward saving  planet Earth from climate change. He was referring to Exxon’s CEO Rex Tillerson, who was reported to have said this to stockholders on May 29th when challenged about global warming:

warming“What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers? … We do not see a viable pathway with any known technology today to achieve the 350 [parts per billion atmospheric carbon] outcome that is not devastating to economies, societies and peoples’ health and well-being around the world … You cannot get there … So the real question is: Do you want to keep arguing about that and pursuing something that cannot be achieved at costs that will be detrimental? Or do you want to talk about what’s the path we should be on and how should we mitigate and prepare for the consequences as they present themselves?”

Tillerson just made $44.9 billion at the stockholders’ meeting in 2012. His response to the world? Sorry. Essentially. We can’t do anything.

This, then, is how it ends. Obama has really done nothing. The U.S. moved to cleaner electric power, then is selling all our coal to China and Germany. CEOs are laughing all the way to the banks.

After reading the article by Dahr Jamail, it’s very likely now that the destruction of planet Earth will happen much quicker, certainly before 2050. And the whole world will participate in what surely will be a long lasting look into Hell on Earth.

Eric Zuesse on global warming.

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