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For all you people who still do not know that the United States is about to no longer exist, you should wake up and see that your nation does not exist anymore.  In 2005, the three leaders  of North America agreed to integrate into a complete merge with North America. President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, and the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, met in Waco, Texas in 2005 to complete the integration of North America into one entity. All citizens of North America can then be free to live and work anywhere in North America.

But there’s more. The whole Western Hemisphere is also planned for integration. Once Canada and the US complies, the hemisphere will be your neighbor.

The three leaders of the continent have already made a large perimeter around North America. In this final phase of integration, USNORTHCOM has been working on a number of crucial topics that are currently upgrading the government of Mexico. The United States is training the military of Mexico, the army etc., plus the justice system. We have also been aiding Mexico to complete its southern border with Belize and Guatemala, with electronic equipment, fences, patrols, etc. When finished, both the eastern and western borders of Mexico will be complete soon. Meanwhile, the northern border of Mexico will be opened up to the rest of North America. (PHOTO: A member of the Mexican drug cartel cut off the dog’s front legs so he could get practice to cut up their enemies. A kind person later found someone who could help the dog.)

It means that all citizens of North America can “live and work” anywhere on the continent. From pages 26-28 you should read this plan to open up labor throughout North America.

A long-term goal should be to create a “North American preference”new rules that would make it much easier for employees to move and for employees to recruit across national boundaries within the continent. This would enhance North American competitiveness, contribute to Mexico’s development, and address one of the main outstanding issues on the Mexican-U.S. bilateral agenda.

“Canada and the United States should consider eliminating restrictions on labor mobility altogether and work toward solutions that, in the long run, could mobility altogether and work toward solutions that, in the long run, could enable the extension of full labor mobility to Mexico as well.”

Mexico: This free flow (p.27,28)… In the long term, the two countries should work to extend this policy to Mexico as well, though doing so will not be practical until wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors have diminished considerably.

It means that American workers wages will fall, simply because the CEOs who put this together was for the purpose of making it possible for corporations to amass much more wealth.  But the CEOs of North America told auto workers that they were dropping  their wages down from $28? per hour to 15$ per hour while increasing the wages of Mexican auto workers slightly. They did this to American autoworkers, whose wages dropped dramatically. The leaders and CEOs of all three nations are now in the driver’s seat while unemployed workers will become the unemployed in Canada and the United States while Mexicans got a modest increase to work for a modest income. (Photo: Mexican auto worker.)

The goal was to integrate North America (as part of a complete integration of the world). An example is the fact that the leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico will become closer. The leaders of North America are already finishing up this perimeter around North America for citizens of the United States, Mexican and Canada to eventually work throughout the continent. On pages 26-28.

The three nations are almost finished with this common perimeter around North America but this problem of cheap labor should continue with unemployed workers and cheap labor. Of course, you realize that the United States of America doesn’t exist anymore. No? You will know soon enough. (See photo above.)

Yes. There is more, I’m afraid. All citizens of North America must have an ID card. Without your ID card you will not exist. NOTE: When all the people of North America have completed that part of the world, citizens of this region can move about freely within the borders.

However, if you don’t have your ID Card you can be taken into custody until your identity is proved. Remember, USNORTHCOM can track you from your website and other devise’s or bank, etc. I have been monitored for a year or so from USNORTHCOM. I needed help from a senator to order USNORTHCOM to stop the illegal actions by them. It only took 2 hours to shut down that illegal action by the government. Also USNORTHCOM can monitor and take action against you since they can listen into your speech and read your print as you write or destroy anything that is printed. (I was there. I know.)

All Mexican children in Mexico must have their ID cards , then the adults must have their ID cards,  or someone will make sure that you do.

NOTE: All citizens of North America will have an ID card. It means that you will be forced to have an ID card. It means that you will comply. So far, citizens of Canada and the United States have not wanted this “system”. So far, everyone in the Western Hemisphere still have been compliant except the United States and Canada.

All citizens of this Western Hemisphere still have complied, except Canada and the United States. All but 2 nations have failed to comply and have their ID CARDs. The United States and Canada have refused to comply by popular demand of the people. When all 34 nations of this hemisphere are compliant, all 800 million citizens of this hemisphere will have their ID CARDS and each person could then be connected by USNORTHCOM. And they will.

( I believe that a little force may be utilized by those two nations in the near future.) All data on the citizens of North America can be accessed from where ever they are. Think about it.

This is just my experience with the New World Order. You can read it.

From my websites, I witnessed this 24 hours a day, had articles destroyed and had someone from USNORTHCOM to publish articles without my permission. He just did it. No one told you, but I lived it and I was threatened by it. Now they stay away from me. I did tell them that I would like to meet anywhere there that I could get to know and see how much of a coward you really are when you meet me face to face. I put a sign up, also. But no one from USNORTHCOM called me anymore.

NOTE: This New World Order is in progress but I would advise caution when dealing with them.

But I would not advise that for you. Everything I told you is real. The New World Order? It’s true. All joy is about to evaporate into sorrow and fear. This should happen over the next two decades.

Read this article to show how the United States will no longer exist as the perimeter “fence” around North America will be opened to all three citizens of North America.

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