About Ray Kania

Kania, a former Vietnamese/Thai-Lao interpreter, was the senior coordinator (USAFSS) for National Security Agency intelligence gathering missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. During this period, as a personal project, he collected information that would lead to an ethnography of the So people of Northeast Thailand. Included in the study is a phonetic alphabet, the first for this spoken language. (Documentation)

As a licensed private investigator in the early 1980s he worked undercover for a NASA contractor.

2077mKania signed a SAG agreement for work in movies and commercials from 1984-85. He did work on the CBS series SPACE and in the movie D.A.R.Y.L., including precision driving  for chase scenes so the stunt drivers could do theirAs a Marshallese police officer, he was directly involved with operations against Russian (Soviet) special forces units at Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands from 1986-1988. (Documentation) Click image.

Kania also worked on a contract for the Air Force Space Command at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida and later as a federal officer at Kennedy Space Center, protecting the space shuttle, astronauts and KSC  facilities.

He has written about a number of diverse subjects as a result of his travels and eclectic interests. They include: Southeast Asia (politics, sociology, and language), sports, physical fitness, nature, Pacific Islanders, intelligence gathering, and human interest.

He has participated in several sports (primarily basketball and soccer) at several levels, from college to a prison league. Along the way he has collected BA degrees in philosophy and political science from the University of Central Florida. Among his language skills are a working knowledge or better (speaking, reading and writing) of Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese and Arabic.  (little or no active use for over 15 years.)

Partial list of credits/clients:

  • Asian Survey, September 1980, Volume XX, Number 9, Explaining Recent Vietnamese Behavior, Lee E. Dutter and Raymond S. Kania.
  • Florida Living
  • St. Petersburg Times, high school sports, North Suncoast.
  • The Asia Mail
  • The Orlando Sentinel (Insight) Tropical Isles Play Lab For U.S. Defense Tests. Oct. 30, 1988.
  • South Pacific’s Paradise Lost: Ebeye Has Become Slum In The Marshall Islands. April 23, 1989.
  • Journal of the Siam Society, January 1979, Volume 67 part 1, Patron, His Majesty the King, The So people of Kusuman, northeastern Thailand, Raymond S. Kania and Siriphan Hatuwong.
  • Vietnam Magazine

Ray has been a member of the Eastern Florida State College Foundation Heritage Society since 2002 and a sponsor of the annual Eastern Florida State College (Melbourne Campus) Student Art Exhibit at the King Center for the Performing Arts. He provides scholarships for best of show in two dimensional and three dimensional categories.

First Place Male Image. International competition. Best of Show.

First Place Male Image. International competition. Best of Show.

First Place Male Image. International competition. Best of Show, 2004 – Ray was the model for the winning image in the SEPPA, Southeastern Professional Photographers of America contest, international competition. It was the First Place winner in male image, illustrative category, and best of show. The image was also on the 2005 SEPPA calendar and at the Imaging Asia convention in South Korea.

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Almost Paradise Cover ALMOST PARADISE
(Published: Sep. 09, 2011, ISBN: 9781465944597)
This journal was kept from 1986-88 when the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse but their presence at Kwajalein was intense, requiring critical decisions at the highest level of our government.THIS BOOK IS THE BEST VALUE YOU CAN FIND ANYWHERE: PAGE AFTER PAGE OF SHARP COLOR PHOTOS WILL ILLUSTRATE “ALMOST PARADISE”. THE CHAPTERS ARE PACKED WITH INFORMATION ABOUT THE NATIVES, THE AMERICANS AND THE RUSSIAN SPIES THAT ARE EVER PRESENT. ON PAGE 19 YOU WILL SEE (video) OVER 2 MINUTES OF DEEP COLOR IN THE FIRST HYDROGEN BOMB UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. RAY KANIA. THE AUTHOR.(February 13, 1987) U.S. National Security Agency intelligence gathering ship monitoring Russian intelligence ship off of Illeginni Island on the west reef. The NSA recorded a Russian plan to send a Spetsnaz team ashore on Illeginni Island on the west reef.President Reagan sent 4 American contractors to set up undercover with a night vision video camera. The Russians were to look for remains of three unarmed nuclear warheads that had impacted on this target island. The Americans were ordered to just monitor their activities. We were not to initiate a firefight. I was one of the team members.051 For a visit to a strange and unique world, this is where Star Wars testing mixes with islanders using ancient methods to catch fish, where islanders can bring down birds with rocks thrown with the accuracy of a guided missile. Photos are included.THE PRICE OF THE BOOK “ALMOST PARADISE” HAS BEEN LOWERED FROM $1.99 TO $1.00 FOR A LOT OF VALUABLE INFORMATION. THIS PRICE WILL LAST TILL 02-28-2015. USE THIS COUPON (MM88X) WHEN PURCHASING THIS BOOK.
Kapmuchea Year Zero KAMPUCHEA, YEAR ZERO
(Published: Jan. 14, 2012, ISBN: 9781465874870)
“Kampuchea, Year Zero” is my interview of a young Cambodian girl who survived nearly 4 years of Pol Pot, communist leader of the Khmer Rouge:.GoodReads.comKR_evacuation2May 18, 2013 Rating 4.00. While researching Year Zero by a different author, I found this book devoted to an entirely different subject. Year Zero deals with the communist invasion of Cambodia in 1975 and the atrocities inflicted on its’ people.The Khmer Rouge was a deranged entity enacting crimes against humanity and later known for its’ ‘killing fields’ before the liberation by the Vietnamese. Kampuchea is a fast read and should be read by everyone to begin to understand the evilness that can [be] dealt by humans. Photos are included with article.
Florida History GERONIMO LIVE! And Other Florida Stories
(Published: Feb. 18, 2012, ISBN: 9781466002456)
Real places and People of the Sunshine State; “GERONIMO LIVE! And Other Florida Stories” covers the overlooked, sometimes unusual history of the Sunshine State.GERONIMO LIVE! is a chance to visit unusual places and participate, such as NASA’s Black Point, a wild life preserve next to Kennedy Space Center and a road through which you can see, stop and walk while photographing over 500 birds and animals.Or you can visit Fort Christmas, a few miles west of KSC, just two miles north of Highway 50, where you can find a replica of the fort and a museum in two of the blockhouses. There is live firing of an original model cannon and weapons.6085578370_6b12815076_oA village of that era has been put together with real houses from the late 1800s, with a post office and a school house, all moved there from the original Florida home sites. Each house is equipped with furnishings and utensils from that era.Special events are posted throughout the year, including music and food. Each place offers links to camping when available. And you will also learn more about Florida’s history. PHOTO: See Geronimo and Apaches in prison at Fort Pickens, Florida. Click on image to enlarge. Photos are included with article.”GERONIMO LIVE! AND OTHER FLORIDA STORIES.” THE REGULAR PRICE FOR THIS BOOK IS $1.50 BUT A NEW PROMOTIONAL PRICE IS NOW $1.00 WHEN YOU USE THE COUPON CODE (EE36C). THIS OFFER EXPIRES FEB. 13, 2015.
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